ASFL Leaders Receive International Nominations

This month, two African Students For Liberty leaders received international nominations – this as a result  of their incredible efforts in their communities.

Aimable Manirakiza, ASFL East African Regional Director was nominated for the second consecutive year as SFL Student of the Year. Aimable founded SFL Burundi two years ago, and despite the extreme difficulty and obstacles to pro-liberty organising in Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo, he also founded SFL groups in these countries.

Aimable organized the first Francophone African events, including more than 30 events in 20 universities in Burundi, Rwanda, and the DRC and the African Great Lakes Regional Conference, which have attracted over 1,000 students. He has built a team and infrastructure within his local groups to support lasting activity and impact, and he recruited 20 new coordinators in these countries who have completed training. Aimable has also raised over $7,000 for his work in Central Africa.

Similarly, Moronfolu Adeniyi, ASFL West African Regional was nominated as 2018 Student Organiser of the Year by Students For Sensible Drug Policy. Moronfolu’s effort is laudable in educating many Nigerian youths on sane drug use, abuse, and policies. He recently organised 2-day National summit that trained Nigeria’s chapter leaders on drug use and policies.

An Exciting Weekend At Our Kenya Leadership Forum: It was all fun mixed with great learning experience at our Kenya Leadership Forum held last weekend, 17 February at Tangaza University. Participants had a swell time, and had excellent discussions.

You can still apply to attend any of ASFL Leadership Fora in Nigeria (24 February, 2018)Ghana (10 March, 2018) and Malawi (24 March, 2018). Applications are reviewed on rolling basis. So the best time to apply is now!  More info on the Leadership Fora can be found here



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