It’s Our Turn to Eat In Defense of Global Capitalism (PDF) June Arunga’s introduction to ‘In Defense of Global Capitalism’ Franklin Cudjoe’s introduction to Frederic Bastiat’s Essays on Political Economy Frederic Bastiat’s Essays on Political Economy  

Bastiat’s Legacy Project

  Winners of  2010 Frédéric Bastiat Anniversary Essay Competition Announced We are pleased to annouce the winners of our 2010 Frédéric Bastiat anniversary essay competition.  From a pool of 70 essays from 15 African countries, the following emerged winners. First prize winner is Chofor Che from Cameroun-USD 800,  second prize winner is Tom Siwe from […]

Issues In The Nigerian Presidential Elections – Japheth J. Omojuwa

 National insecurity, the economy and Nigeria’s challenge with corruption should dominate the conversation surrounding the nation’s 2015 elections but they have been sideshows to the trivialities that have risen to the fore over the last few weeks. The presidential election holds on March 28, just over three weeks today. None of the major candidates, incumbent […]

The African Union’s illusory quest for financial independence – Asanji Burnley and Chofor Che

 In an op-ed by dated the 1 of February 2015, African leaders teamed up in Addis Ababa the capital of Ethiopia in a bid to seek for solutions for an independent African Union (AU). After a two-day summit which took place at the AU’s headquarters ironically built by the Chinese, African leaders proposed new […]

Borderless ECOWAS: Dream and Reality – A research by Dr. Adebusuyi Isaac Adeniran

 Dr. Adebusuyi Isaac Adeniran in this paper “Borderless ECOWAS: Dream and Reality – Exploring The Cost of Trade Barriers in West Africa” looks at the realities that constitute barriers to trade and free movement of goods and people within the West African sub-region. The paper further goes ahead to look at the cost of those barriers and […]