Franklin Cudjoe : Personal view: Rock-star economics are not helping poor Africans

 17/04/2005 Have you purchased your obligatory white band? Did Sir Bob Geldof send you an e-mail recently, reminding you to ogle his celebrity colleagues "clicking" away on television? Did you join the all-night vigil at Westminster Abbey to shiver in the cold and "wake up the government" about the need to "make poverty history"? […]

Franklin Cudjoe : Globalization Rocks, but African Leaders Fail to Understand It

 Independent Institute, November 7, 2005 Tanzanian President Benjamin Mkapa will step down this week, complying with his constitutional term limits. He will be the third African leader in recent times to honorably leave office following the departure of Nelson Mandela of South Africa and Jerry Rawlings of my country, Ghana. At the same time that […]