What drives instability in Africa and what can be done about it

  French President Emmanuel Macron during his visit to French counter-terrorism forces in northern Mali, in May. EPA/Christophe Petit Tesson Jakkie Cilliers, University of Pretoria Africa will remain turbulent because it is poor and young, but also because it is growing and dynamic. Development is disruptive but also presents huge opportunities. The continent needs to […]

The EU-Africa summit is now the AU-EU summit. Why the upgrade matters

  President of the AU Alpha Conde, European Council President Donald Tusk (L) and President of the EU Jean-Claude Juncker. Reuters/Luc Gnago Frank Mattheis, University of Pretoria and John Kotsopoulos, University of Pretoria African and European heads of government gathered last week in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, for their 5th summit since 2000. For the first […]

The Omojuwa Foundation: If Tomorrow Comes

 I believe in God, I believe in the human mind and I believe in the power of capital! I don’t read novels these days as much as I used to but the one novel I will never forget is the Sidney Sheldon classic, If Tomorrow Comes. Reading Tracy Whitney’s adventure taught me that really and […]

Foreign Policy – Trump’s America First Budget Puts Africa Last

 Nairobi – It gets more U.S. foreign aid than any other continent, the largest share of U.S. global health and disaster relief spending, and it hosts nine out of the world’s 16 U.N. peacekeeping operations — and four out of the five most expensive ones. Sub-Saharan Africa is grappling with record levels of displacement and […]

Bukola Ogunyemi: Appraising Kaduna’s Smart Infrastructure Plan

 Kaduna State knows that infrastructural development is a straightforward way to inject money into the economy and lay the foundation for long-term growth. This is why it has committed N108 billion of its 2016 budget to capital expenditure and will further commit N130 billion in 2017. Already, 421 contracts have been awarded for renovation of […]

Botswana At 50: The End Of An African Success Story?

 It is 50 years since Botswana attained independence from British rule. Over the decades, the small landlocked country has been regarded as a role model for success in Africa. It has achieved political stability, democratic government, and remarkable economic growth. The attraction of Botswana and its history is newly reinforced in the film ‘A United […]

Charles Wiysonge: Why People In Africa Are Living Longer But Lifestyle Diseases Are Rising

 Malaria, HIV, pneumonia, and diarrhoea are the leading killers on the African continent, according to a recently released study looking at the burden of diseases across the world. In 1980 the list looked different. Then the leading killer diseases were also diarrhoea, pneumonia and malaria, but tuberculosis and measles were up there with them. The […]