Introducing, The Center for Free Market Enterprise: A New Dawn of Liberty In Malawi


 Malawi is a closed economy. The Malawian government dictates prices for goods and services, the value of the currency, and consistently implements subsidies for fertilizer and maize. As a result, many citizens are passive in their efforts to create enjoyable living conditions, waiting for the one true and honest politician to appear and to solve […]

African Ports and The Challenges They Must Meet – Chofor Che

Container and car shipping to Douala, Cameroon

 The issue of over congestion at African ports is a serious concern. The World Bank concurs that Sub-Saharan Africa has a serious infrastructure deficit estimated at about $48 billion a year which is hindering the continent’s competitiveness and hence its economic growth. With the exception of Durban, the cargo dwell time (the amount of time […]

The Economic Partnership Agreements and the Central African Region: Challenges and Prospects – Chofor Che

Chofor Che_2

 Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs)are special agreements to put in place a free trade area(FTA) between the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP)and the European Union(EU). According to Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia, EPAS are an answer to ongoing criticism that the discriminating and non-reciprocal preferential trade agreementspresented to Africa especially by the EU are […]

Pan-Africanism – Aya Chebbi


 Africa is usually depicted as moving from the days of an independence era through four decades of neo-colonial exploitation, to recent waves of revolutions against domestic dictatorships and continuing poverty, as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. However, we cannot shrink the future of Africa in accepting its reality. We need to […]

Breaking The Barriers To Financing SMEs in Africa – David Lanre Messan


   Financing The future through innovative channels: Breaking the barriers to Financing SMEs in Africa' by David Lanre Messan The 21st century is introducing transformational models for financing, utilising technology, the frontline driver of this age in the achievement of its aim. While these models are becoming policies in modern economies, growth markets especially in […]

Africa: New Global Scorecard Aims to Promote Urban Development Without Cars


  Researchers have launched a new international standard and scorecard aimed at persuading planners, designers and architects to develop urban communities that encourage people to walk, cycle or take public transport – anything but drive. Today, there are more than a billion cars on the planet. In a few decades' time, there might be twice that number. […]