Lessons From Kenya About What’s Holding Back Solar Technology In Africa

 The spread of solar and other modern energy technologies in African countries is considerably low. Despite the global viability and growth in the solar energy market, African countries continue to lag behind. They represent less than 1% of the market demand for solar energy. The region accounts for only 9% of the global installed capacity […]

China To Construct $1.85 Billion Light Rail In Kano State

 China Railway Construction Corporation says it has won a $1.851 billion contract to construct the Kano city light rail. In a special announcement the company said its directors had received a provisional letter of award from Nigeria. The rail, with a total length of 74.3 kilometres, is expected to travel at a speed of 100 […]

Ghana To Build $1.2 Billion Eco-Tourism Project In Accra

 Ghana’s government has launched an eco-tourism project worth 1.2 billion dollars that will see a forest being destroyed by encroachments and waste dumps turn into a world class recreational destination with amusement parks, orchards, arboretum, wildlife safaris, museums, eco-commercial enclaves and eco-lodges with a little disruption to the eco system. In addition, the project which will […]

Chinese Government Offers 200 Zambian Students University Scholarships

 The Chinese government has offered 200 Zambian students scholarship awards this year to pursue various degree programs in China a Chinese envoy said Wednesday. During a pre-departure ceremony held for the beneficiaries in Lusaka the Chinese Ambassador to Zambia; Yang Youming said that education is one of the important areas of cooperation between China and […]

Nasir El-Rufai: Repositioning the Nigerian Economy for Greatness

 State of the Economy That we live in challenging times is an understatement. In the year 2015, the global political economy showed both stresses and promises for our nation. In Eurozone and the USA, economic growth slowed and imports of our crude oil reduced drastically, no thanks to innovations in fracking technology. China’s decades of […]

Ghana Is Currently Producing More Electricity Than It Needs

 The Chief Executive of the Ghana Grid Company has hinted of a temporary suspension of the load-shedding exercise in the country since July 29, 2016. This, William Amuna attributes to the country’s production of an extra 110 megawatts of power. A shortfall in power supply resulted in unannounced power cuts in the country in June and July this year. Many experts […]