Nigeria: Time For Reforms by By Alexandra Gillies

 Since the Nigerian government ended longstanding gasoline subsidies as of New Year's Day, Nigerians have responded with nationwide strikes and protests, resulting in several deaths. The government has a chance to respond in turn, by addressing the rampant corruption and mismanagement of the country's oil industry. The gasoline subsidy embodied the worst characteristics of the […]

IMANI Alert On Sekondi Free Trade Zone

  IMANI: Trade Ministry’s Statement on Sekondi Free Zone Misleading (… Chinese partner fudges website)   14th January 2012   We have noted with alarm a statement issued by the Ministry of Trade through the Ghana News Agency and signed by one Nana Akrasi Sarpong, who styles himself: “Acting Director of Communication and Public Affairs” (Please […]

Cameroon and IMF Loans: Defeating The Purpose Of Development by Chofor Che

  In November, 2011, the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) Boards of Directors approved an US$86 million loan and US$82 million Partial Risk Guarantee to support the Kribi Gas Power Project in Cameroon that is expected to generate electricity to over 160,000 households in Cameroon. The US$86 million IFC loan and US$86 […]

Winners of Essay Competition “Morality and Free Enterprise” Announced

 Wednesday, June 29, 2011   Ms. Efua Gambrah-Sampaneh of Ashesi University in Ghana came first and will receive a prize money of $500, Mr.Ayita Oluwafisayomi of OAU-IFE in Nigeria, was second and will receive $300, Samuel Mwangi of MASENU-KENYA, third position with $200 prize money. Five honourable mentions, receiving $100 each are Tola Oyetunde of […]

Despite our noble intentions, aid does not solve problems – it just makes them worse

 The Marriott Hotel in Islamabad symbolises Pakistan’s profound problems with terrorism and its amazing spirit of survival. Three years ago, a truck laden with explosives destroyed the landmark building in the centre of the nation’s lush capital, killing 54 people in a blast that left a 60ft-wide crater and was heard more than ten miles […]

African Unity through Private Entrepreneurs

  by Thompson Ayodele One of the primary objectives of the African Union is to foster economic and political integration of the continent. Aside from African Union, there are other regional organisations established to foster economic integration within a particular region. Effective integration in Africa is seen as one of the ways to overcome the […]

Franklin Cudjoe : Personal view: Rock-star economics are not helping poor Africans

 17/04/2005 Have you purchased your obligatory white band? Did Sir Bob Geldof send you an e-mail recently, reminding you to ogle his celebrity colleagues "clicking" away on television? Did you join the all-night vigil at Westminster Abbey to shiver in the cold and "wake up the government" about the need to "make poverty history"? […]

Franklin Cudjoe : Globalization Rocks, but African Leaders Fail to Understand It

 Independent Institute, November 7, 2005 Tanzanian President Benjamin Mkapa will step down this week, complying with his constitutional term limits. He will be the third African leader in recent times to honorably leave office following the departure of Nelson Mandela of South Africa and Jerry Rawlings of my country, Ghana. At the same time that […]

Africa needs freer markets and fewer tyrants

  by Franklin Cudjoe Wall Street Journal, December 14, 2005; Page A20 Famine in Niger is no surprise — desert wastes, locusts and decades of Marxist rule keep it second-to-last on the world poverty list. Famine in the fertile climes of southern and eastern Africa, however, seems more shocking. But there’s a common thread: centralized […]