Nigeria, Egypt and South Africa Listed Among World’s Most Powerful Economies by 2050

 Price water house Coopers published rankings of 32 future power economies by 2050.  Nigeria, Egypt and South Africa were forecasted to be in 14th, 15th ,27th most powerful economies in the world respectively. Now the report, takes into account the various nations’ projected gross domestic product by purchasing power parity. The report, titled “The long […]

Egypt’s Agricultural Export Surges On The Back Of Currency Float

 Egypt’s agricultural export is expected to grow by about 15 per cent in 2017 in comparison to 2.2 billion US dollars recorded last year. This growth has been attributed to the states decision to float its currency in November. The move has led to a surge in demand as the fruit and vegetables are now […]

Uganda Negotiating $2.3 Billion Loan With China To Fund Rail Line

 Uganda is negotiating a $2.3 billion loan with China’s Exim Bank to fund an initial 273 km stretch of rail line the east African country is planning to build for faster and cheaper transportation, an official said on Thursday. Landlocked Uganda eventually wants to construct a 1,700 km standard gauge railway network to connect with […]

Cote d’Ivoire, Senegal, Togo… These Are The African Economies To Watch In 2017

 With the consequences of Brexit and an increasingly inward-looking United States still unfolding, 2017 is likely to be an economically tumultuous year. Some African countries, however, could see sustainable growth beyond the usual narrative of Africa alternatively “rising” and “reeling.” “The countries that will be successful in 2017—whatever will happen in the global economy—are the […]

African Countries Dominate List Of Worst Devalued Currencies In 2016

 Economic slowdown due to falling commodity prices particularly oil and slow global economic growth, adversely affected most African economies in the course of 2016.  But as per the evolution of national currencies in the past year, the currencies of two major Portuguese speaking African countries greatly suffered. The metical of Mozambique and the Angolan kwanza, […]

How $15 Billion India Oil Deal Will Help Nigeria Tackle Forex Crisis

 The Nigeria-India upfront oil payment deal will help the Federal Government to tackle the foreign exchange (forex) crisis in the country.The Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu, initiated the deal during a three-day working visit to India. The success of the deal would also be a huge help for the Central Bank […]

Zambia’s $1 Billion Subsidy Cut: Economic Recovery Or Economic Misery?

 Africa’s second-biggest copper producer, Zambia, told the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that it will cut subsidies amounting to about $1 billion as part of an economic recovery plan. The statement was issued by Zambia’s finance Minister Felix Mutati on Sunday. The Zambian government is currently in talks with the IMF for the approval of a […]