Tax Holidays, Cheap Land and Labour – Kenya Flower Firms Are Relocating To Ethiopia


  Incentives such as tax holidays, cheap land leases and low cost labor offered to horticulture investors by Ethiopia are proving too attractive to foreign flower firms operating in a difficult environment in Kenya. In 2015, five major investor in Kenya’s flower sector relocated their farms to neighboring Ethiopia and more companies are expected to […]

Uganda, Kenya Top Ease Of Doing Business Index

Ease of Doing Business

 Uganda has the most improved business environment in Africa, according to the Doing Business 2016 report released by the World Bank. The east African country’s improvement – measured on the basis of number of reforms and improvement in ease of business scores – was outmatched only by Costa Rica globally. Its overall ranking rose to […]

On Naira Devaluation And President Buhari’s Economic Policies


  A lot has been said about the economic policies of the current Nigerian president, Muhammadu Buhari, who has consistently argued against the devaluation of the nation’s currency, the Naira. Some economic analysts are of the opinion that the Naira at the official rate of N199 to the US Dollar is over-valued and a more […]

Somalia Is Considering Dropping The Shilling For a New Currency

Somalia Shilling

 As countries on the African continent fashion ways of dealing with the global economic recession, Somalia is considering a more radical monetary policy by way of replacing it’s national currency, the Shilling, with a new one. Somalia has survived a period of intense civil war that lasted almost two decades, and the country is now […]

Contrary to Reports, Nigeria Has Not Applied For an Emergency Loan from World Bank


 Nigeria’s finance minister, Kemi Adeosun, has debunked reports in the press the government has applied for a $3.5 billion emergency loan from the World Bank and the African Development Bank. Nigeria, Africa’s biggest economy, is looking for ways to finance a $15 billion deficit in its budget for 2016 and the federal government has in […]

Angola’s Currency Depreciates With Dwindling Oil Revenue


 Africa’s second biggest oil producer, Angola, has not been spared the effects of the latest global economic downturn mediated by crashing oil prices on the global market. The Kwanza, Angola’s national currency, has seen its exchange rate rise as high as 335 Kwanza to the dollar as against the official rate of 155. Crude oil, […]

Borderless ECOWAS: Dream and Reality – A research by Dr. Adebusuyi Isaac Adeniran


 Dr. Adebusuyi Isaac Adeniran in this paper “Borderless ECOWAS: Dream and Reality – Exploring The Cost of Trade Barriers in West Africa” looks at the realities that constitute barriers to trade and free movement of goods and people within the West African sub-region. The paper further goes ahead to look at the cost of those barriers and […]