Stephen Oyedemi: Protectionist Policies Will Keep Nigeria’s Economy Down

 Early this year, most Nigerians were optimistic and hopeful that the so called ‘Budget of Change’ of the Buhari administration was going to bring substantial positive change to Nigeria. Unfortunately, the country has so far been experiencing a negative growth (economic recession), a weakening currency and a hyper-inflation that have resulted in prices of many […]

African Students For Liberty Launches New Academic Platform – SFL Academy

 Students For Liberty is launching an all new platform called SFL Academy to be its one stop shop for academic and student training courses, and we got a course there that you’ll love, Liberty in Africa. African Students For Liberty partnered with six libertarian and classical liberal organizations throughout Africa to produce this online course […]

Temba Nolutshungu: The Moral Bankruptcy Of South Africa’s Minimum Wage Laws

 If we are ever to make a serious dent in South Africa’s cataclysmic unemployment levels, a critical review of labour policies is required. No aspect of labour market policies should be regarded as sacrosanct. All rational comments and proposals grounded in empirical evidence warrant consideration. In this context, I believe it is appropriate to question […]

IMANI Open Letter: 7 Steps To Significantly Reform Ghana’s Ruining Business Environment Now

 IMANI Center for Policy and Education (IMANI Africa) expends so much energy in quality research and evidence-based advocacy. Over the past years, we have teamed up with partners – both national and international to conduct research with regard to private sector activities. As part of our activities, we undertook varied research works that sought to […]

Emeka Ezeugo: Why Socialism is More Successful Than Libertarianism

 It is important going into this article to specify how the success mentioned in the title is measured. Success is typically seen as a fulfillment of a function, but if Socialism as a system is measured in this way, then it fails dismally. The form of Socialism I am referring to is not the end-goal […]

Temba Nolutshungu: Big Government And Big Labour: The Unholiest Of Alliances

 Labour unions have played an important economic, political and social role in the transition from apartheid to democracy. When black South Africans were barred from political participation during the apartheid years and the apartheid government explicitly and forcefully denied black South Africans a voice, labour unions effectively assumed a decidedly political role in the broader […]

FMF Media Release: Data Must Stand – At Least Until The Facts Are Known

 The Data Must Fall bandwagon is astounding in having captured public and media indignation without a clear grasp of the underlying facts. Myths have become de facto truths. Consumers’ increasingly insatiable desire for data has been harnessed by partisan interests of business, government and NGOs to the extent that clarity of thought and rational thinking […]

Martin van Staden: South Africa Leaving The ICC Sets A Bad Precedent

 I won’t act like I am a fan of international bodies such as the United Nations, the World Health Organization, or the International Criminal Court (ICC). All these organizations, at some stage in their respective histories, have engaged in some of the most atrocious liberty-violating conduct, especially where it lobbies its member states for policy […]

Linda Kavuka: What Kenya Needs Is Less Number Of Representatives

 The efforts of activists, members of the civil society and freedom fighters in their own right were finally realized in 2010, when Kenya held a referendum and promulgated the Constitution of Kenya 2010. The country had experienced imperial presidency for over two decades and the aim of the constitution, among other reforms was to shift […]