ASFL Leaders Receive International Nominations

 This month, two African Students For Liberty leaders received international nominations – this as a result  of their incredible efforts in their communities. Aimable Manirakiza, ASFL East African Regional Director was nominated for the second consecutive year as SFL Student of the Year. Aimable founded SFL Burundi two years ago, and despite the extreme difficulty and obstacles to […]

LibertyCon 2018 Awards Nominations (FULL LIST)

 Students For Liberty is pleased to announce the finalists for Student, Group, and Event of the Year. Finalists were selected based on nominations from Executive Boards, Regional Directors, and Staff. The winner will be selected based on voting from all SFL leaders. Voting must be completed by February 19, 2018. And the nominees are. . […]

Meet Students For Liberty Morocco

 On the 24th of January 2018, Students for Liberty Morocco held their first event at the Arab Center for Scientific Research and Humane Studies in Rabat signifying the establishment of their group within the Students for Liberty network. The idea was first brought to life by a bunch of students of Ibn Tofail University in […]

Apply to attend ASFL leadership forum in Malawi. Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria

  Undergraduate students, recent graduates and young professionals can now apply to attend any of 2018 ASFL Leadership Fora across the continent holding from February to March 2018. ASFL Leadership Fora are avenues to introduce new students to classical liberal ideas, meet and network with other pro-liberty student leaders, learn about what it takes to be […]

Media Shutdown in Kenya: An affront on Liberty – Burugu Babu

  In characteristic Kenyan humour, Kenyans on social media described the shutdown of four television stations as an exercise of the long arm of the government. Simply put, the government denied the audience access to information, leaving it with blacked out television sets. There was nothing humorous about the shut down though, it was a […]

Eustace Davie: Economic growth requires an environment in which prices are freely formed

 Prices, when left alone, “miraculously” direct all resources, including labour and capital, to their most productive uses. Examine the South African economy to find any activities that are carried out on a basis of voluntary exchange between individuals, under circumstances where peaceful exchanges are not interfered with by bureaucratic action, where prices are arrived at […]

Alumni in Focus: The Cheetah Generation of Africa

  Linda speaking at the SFL West African Regional Conference 2016 in Ibadan, Nigeria. Poverty, literacy rates, and youth unemployment are part of a long list of Africa’s biggest challenges. But at the top of this list is corruption. It sweeps indiscriminately across the continent. Africa has countries that have been ruled by dictators for […]

Linda Whetstone: The Young African Scholars Colloquium – A Recap

  Last year I had the pleasure of attending the Young African Scholars Colloquium, which took place in Nairobi in October. It was a new initiative of Network for a Free Society(NFS), generously supported by the Goodrich Foundation, to give younger colleagues in Sub-Saharan Africa the opportunities afforded to those in other parts of the world […]

Franklin Cudjoe​: Why eliminating drug patents is bad for global health and prosperity

 I have long argued (particularly in a 2007 WSJ article ‘Curing the Diseases of Poverty’) that unfortunately for us in poor nations, these health officials are missing the forest for the trees. Inadequate infrastructure, lack of medical professionals, under-funding and not price, are the chief obstacles blocking access of high-quality medicine to poor countries. A […]

IMANI Africa’s New Fellowship Announcement: Casely Ato Coleman

 IMANI Africa is pleased to announce that Casely Ato Coleman has been accepted as Fellow with effect from 17th January 2017. Ato joins IMANI with over twenty-two years’ experience in Leadership, Human Resource & Organizational Development from the International development, profit and public sector. Ato Coleman has held senior leadership roles including Country Director, Plan International Sierra […]