Linda Kavuka: The African Woman’s Quest for Dignity, Respect and Liberty

Kenya My Dress My Choice

 Last November, Nairobi, Kenya saw one of the largest protests against sexual violence ever held. It was dubbed #MyDressMyChoice. Nearly 1,000 women and men took to the streets to protest against vicious public attacks on women, reported from various parts of the country. Videos of the attacks were posted on social media and showed women […]

Emmanuella Odum: A Tale of Human Rights Abuses By The Men In Uniform

Brutality by men in uniform remains rife in Nigeria

 It was another hot Saturday morning in Igando, South–west, Lagos, Nigeria. At 9am, the traffic was already building. It worsened as commercial vehicles and motorbikes “okadas” were locked tightly in its jaw breaking embrace. Passengers and drivers seemed to wish for a magical wing that would miraculously lift them away from the surrounding chaos into […]

What An Open Economy Would Mean for Nigeria – Ugbabe Adagboyi Damian

Nigeria's President Mohammadu Buhari

 The liberal economic theory represents a paradigm shift for economic policy from restrictive protectionist trade regimes to freer, more open economic systems (Ekpo, 2005). Based on capitalist principles of production and exchange developed by Adam Smith in 1776, the liberal economic theory presents a situation in which nations are at liberty to specialize by the […]

Economic Liberalization: The Path To Nigeria’s Economic Development – Oladiran Dolapo


 Economic Liberalization according to Packenham (1994) encompasses privatization of state enterprises, liberal trade and investment policies, budget deficits, reduction in state subsidies and bureaucratic decentralization. Several researchers have tried to show the benefits associated with economic liberalization particularly in some third world countries. It is reported that the implementation of trade liberalization in Argentina (Packenham, […]

The 100th Man: Profit and Society

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 2.04.58 PM

 An African parable on how profits work to the benefit of all society. Produced by the Free Market Foundation as a gift to African Students For Liberty. For more information on the student movement for liberty and how to get involved, visit  

Looking Forward to the Moment when You Return 期待着你回来的那一刻 – A touching story on China and the crack down on Civil Liberty


 As China continues its crackdown on reform-minded scholars and civil liberties, the wife of yet another detained member of the respected Beijing-based think tank, Transition Institute, has spoken out in an open letter circulated online. Reaching out to her husband, Huang Kaiping, in the only way she now can, Zhou Qinghui recounts in vivid voice […]

The Debris of the Berlin Wall Litters Africa


 Few can agree on why the Berlin Wall fell 25 years ago. However, the recent suspension of the Burkinabe constitution and the takeover of government by the army well demonstrates that its debris remain in Africa, where ideological proxy wars are ongoing. The 27 – year rule of Blaise Campaore, Africa’s fifth longest- serving president […]