IMANI Launches A Comprehensive Study Of Ghana’s Business Environment From 2011 To 2016


 IMANI in collaboration with the Business Sector Advocacy Challenge Fund (BUSAC) undertook a comprehensive study of Ghana’s business environment from 2011 to 2016. The overarching rationale for this in-depth assessment was mainly to take stock of the shifts in key macroeconomic indicators and how these changes has impacted businesses over the last five years. Clearly, […]

Center for Free Market Enterprise Wins 2016 Smith Student Outreach Award


  Center for Free Market Enterprise are the 2016 Smith Student Outreach award winners. The award was received by CFME Programs Director Mr Pilirani Banda in Miami, Florida, USA. Established in September 2014, CFME was founded by Peter Yakobe and Pilirani Banda young Malawians who are passionate about Economic development of Malawi and Africa as […]

African Students For Liberty Nominated For 2016 Most Outstanding Non-Governmental Organisation


  African Students For Liberty has been nominated for 2016 Most Outstanding Non-Governmental Organisation of the Year in Outstanding Young Achievers Awards 2016. In order to win, vote for ASL here: African Students For Liberty provides a platform for African students to generate and share ideas that will lead to a prosperous and liberated […]

West African Regional Conference – A Weekend Of Freedom In Nigeria


 On October 7 through 8, 2016, young people from Nigeria, Kenya, Burundi, Ghana, and USA gathered at hall of  Ibadan Business School for the 2016 ASFL West African Regional Conference. It is the second time ASFL will host the West African Regional Conference after the first one in 2013. This time, participants were required to […]

Entrepreneurs & Local Government: Planning Policies In South Africa’s Major Metros


 Will we see a change to urban planning, making it easier for acquire land and develop, especially in formerly marginalized communities? By far the biggest economic lever cities have on policy is their complete authority over urban planning, which includes physical land developments and all the rules, such as zoning laws, that go with it. […]

District Creation In Ghana: A Political Expedience Or Poverty Alleviation Mechanism?


 By Victor Osei Kwadwo & Emmanuel Buadi Mensah   Ghana’s decentralisation with respect to the creation of districts as a tool for strengthening democracy, fostering local development and subsequent poverty reduction (Republic of Ghana, 1992; 1993) is marred by nothing more than political convenience (Ayee, 2013). There is scant evidence that service delivery and poverty indicators […]

CDE’s Ann Bernstein Speaks On Growth, Jobs, And The Future Of Democracy In South Africa


 Executive Director of the Centre for Development and Enterprise, Ann Bernstein deliberates on South Africa’s economic development while drawing recommendations from the Growth Agenda series of reports on how to get South Africa back on track. For 20 years, the Centre for Development and Enterprise has been gathering evidence, consulting widely and generating constructive policy […]

Apply To Attend The 2016 South African Freedom Convention In South Africa


 African Students For Liberty (ASFL), in partnership with the Free Market Foundation (FMF) is hosting an annual liberal conference. The Southern African Freedom Convention (SAFREECON) is an annual event where you will hear from top speakers in the freedom movement, network with other pro-liberty students, possibly discover countless opportunities for jobs, internships, conferences and seminars, […]

Full IMANI Francophone 2015-2016 Annual Report


 IMANI Francophone was launched with the support of the Open Society Initiatives for West Africa (OSIWA) in June 2014 and currently operates in five West African countries – Togo, Benin, Mali, Côte d’Ivoire and Burkina-Faso with at least one research assistant working on each country. Since its official launch in June 2014, IMANI Francophone has […]