New South African Airways bailout package shows government is not committed to transformation

 With low economic growth prospects, ever-increasing unemployment and destitution, government appears to be more concerned with the useless prestige and status that comes with our national airline, than the wellbeing of the South African people. In mid-July, EWN reported finance minister Malusi Gigaba saying that “too much money has been invested in cash-strapped South African […]

South African Airways – High cost of flying the flag and keeping a fossil in the skies

 A terrifying flock of pterodactyls — gigantic dinosaur-era flying reptiles long presumed extinct — was spotted in our skies last week. Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba reassured us that there was nothing to fear. His incoherent explanation intimated that because junk status places us so near the bottom, we have no downside risk and his bankrupt […]

VIDEO: South Africa’s failing economy and life after the downgrade by Russell Lamberti

 South Africa is in the ever-tightening grip of a neo-Marxist state with key economic nodes and policy being run and directed by an anti-business, anti-free market, crony-authoritarian cabal of Leftists. They claim that the ‘Developmental State’ model of their Leninesque National Democratic Revolution will lead to rapid and shared economic growth and development. But after […]

African Students For Liberty Helps Educate Tomorrow’s Leaders In Burundi

 Burundi, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo all have a similar history of suppressive governments. The political leaders of the region do not allow the population to express themselves or work freely. Economic freedom and individual liberty are crucial in order for the African Great Lakes region to achieve prosperity. African Students for Liberty (ASFL), […]

IMANI Brief: Still, Prudent Spending Key to Meeting Ghana’s 2017 Budget Goals

  This brief does not include analysis of key government’s manifesto promises. IMANI is conducting separate reviews for the promises.  Fiscal data from 2013 to 2016 shows that Ghana has been missing its revenue targets by about 7 percent per annum.[1] The incumbent government stipulated in its maiden budget ways to reverse this trend. However, in […]

Victoria Olagbegi-Oloba: Employing The Rule Of Law To Advance Liberty And Good Governance In Nigeria

 Just as aptly submitted by Kofi Bentil, the concept of Rule of Law is the principle that governments must be governed by well-defined set of laws that binds all within a particular jurisdiction.  The rule of Law among others entails fairness, equality before the law, respect for human rights, life and personal properties, just and equitable […]

APPLY: Young Voices’ Fall 2017 Advocate Program

 Since 2013, Young Voices’ Advocate Program has been an invaluable resource in the liberty movement, proving pro bono media training and placement services for aspiring policy writers under 30. Young Voices’ writers (whom we call“Advocates”) have been published in, mentioned by, or interviewed by major media outlets including The Daily Beast, Forbes, The Glenn Beck Program, […]

Setting A “Growth Agenda” Of Economic Reforms For Poverty-Stricken South Africa

 South Africa remains mired in poverty more than two decades after the end of apartheid, and the government’s efforts at poverty relief do nothing to create new economic opportunities for people struggling to build better lives. The Centre for Development and Enterprise (CDE), an Atlas Network partner based in Johannesburg, has published “The Growth Agenda: Priorities for Mass […]

South Africa’s Free Market Foundation Offers Policy Alternatives For Radical Economic Transformation

 What does ‘radical economic transformation’ (RET) mean? It depends on whom you ask. The Free Market Foundation (FMF), an Atlas Network partner based in Johannesburg, is attempting to reclaim the term and make it a reality for South Africa. Through a campaign of 10 press releases, FMF is providing policy alternatives “to effect real economic transformation,” according to […]