Why Barriers To A Pan-African Passport May Be Insurmountable

AU Passport 2

 The African Union (AU) has launched a pan-African passport. The idea behind the initiative is that the free movement of people will help create jobs and stimulate economic activity. This, in turn, would increase intra-African trade, boosting economic growth. The organisation’s intention is that by 2018 the passport will be distributed to all African citizens. […]

African Passport – What Is in It for Ordinary Citizens?

AU Passport 2

 The Africa Visa Openness report, published by the African Development Bank, in March, cast a gloomy image on ability of Africans to travel across the continent. The report showed that visa policies and regimes have made it difficult for Africans to travel across the continent compared to European or American passport holders. This state of […]

Industrial And Technological Revolution As Pathway To Nigeria’s Development


 As Nigeria gradually slides into an economic recession, the effects of her industrial and technological backwardness can vividly be seen as almost nothing works at the moment. There has never been a more required time than now for a technological and industrial revolution. Universities were established basically for two reasons. First and primarily for research […]

Sirri Caro Nfornah: Boosting Renewable Energy For A Better Business Environment In Cameroon

Cameroon Waterfall

 Cameroon is a growing economy with rapidly increasing electricity demands, particularly in the industrial sector. The utility is currently grappling with a power deficit, and energy efficiency measures are becoming critical for meeting Cameroon’s electricity demand in short to medium term. Cameroon’s development objectives, under the programme Vision 2035, contemplates significant investments in the energy […]

JJ. Omojuwa: How to Defeat the EFCC or Die Trying

JJ. Omojuwa

 The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission “carry” you? What’s there? It simply means you have arrived! Whatever you do, never plead guilty! The EFCC’s budget is not even up to N15bn, yet as a bonafide big thief worth N25bn, you already know you can match the EFCC naira for naira. Remember that its budget will […]