Mary Olushoga: Supporting Nigeria’s Young Entrepreneurs


  In 2015, I tested a hypothesis on youth entrepreneurship which I had held onto for quite a while. My question was whether we can foster and enable entrepreneurial ideas in young Nigerians than what currently ails. I decided to test this hypothesis at Lagos State Model College, Meiran in collaboration with Covenant University’s Hope […]

Diana Taremwa: How Rwanda’s Economy Is Powered By Innovation


 Located on the shores of Lake Kivu, one of Africa’s Great Lakes, lies the gigantic KivuWatt methane-fired power plant. The plant reflects Rwanda’s ambitions to be one of Africa’s technological pioneers – this is the only gas water extraction power plant operating in the world. “This project is a positive step and it’s an indication […]

Stephen Oyedemi: Nigerians Have The Right To Spend Their Money


 Recent policy actions of the Federal Government of Nigeria make one wonder if we live in a sane, democratic society or under the control of some autocratic, intolerant rulers. In Nigeria, like most, if not all other countries, it is hard to earn a living; and as if that is not enough, Nigerians have to […]

From Chibok to Banki: Of heroes and hope – JJ. Omojuwa

JJ. Omojuwa

 Have you ever suffered for 900 straight days? Have you ever gone two straight years where your only asset is the hope in your heart that fades with every new day? May you never have to die before that thing you desire most comes home to you. Two years and 83 days after Boko Haram […]

Mohammed Abubakar: Overhauling Public Service Delivery; A Nigerian Example Up North


 Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai knows that he has a responsibility to deliver on the hopes the Kaduna people demonstrated in him when they helped him clinch a landslide victory in the 2015 Gubernatorial Elections, and from all indications, this is an obligation he is taking really seriously. In furtherance of this responsibility, he is currently focusing […]

Zambia’s $1 Billion Subsidy Cut: Economic Recovery Or Economic Misery?


 Africa’s second-biggest copper producer, Zambia, told the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that it will cut subsidies amounting to about $1 billion as part of an economic recovery plan. The statement was issued by Zambia’s finance Minister Felix Mutati on Sunday. The Zambian government is currently in talks with the IMF for the approval of a […]

A Case Study In Reforms: Lessons from Nigeria’s Kaduna State

Governor El-Rufai of Kaduna State, Nigeria

 The Kaduna State Government has very clear ideas about where it wants to get before 2019 when the current mandate of this incumbent administration ends. It has clearly articulated its ideas for sectors including water, health, agriculture and housing. Thus far, these ideas have been met with the kind of political will that translates thinking […]

Access To Quality Education In Africa: How To Plug The Gaps


 In many countries too many children fail to complete a full cycle of basic education. There are also too many children and youth who do not make the progress expected due to various exclusions, some of which are silent. These include over-age entry and progression, poor attendance, low achievement, disability, under-nutrition, HIV/AIDS orphanhood and the […]