Why The Nigerian Economy Fails and the Path To Economic Prosperity – Abiola Kazeem Olalekan

free market

 Nigeria’s historical trajectory is paved with several attempts by the government to engender economic development by regulating the economy. The outcome of this closed, state-regulated economic policy, however, is an economic failure so total that, apart from the oil sector that generates about 98 percent of the foreign exchange, every sector in Nigeria is struggling […]

Is Religious Fundamentalism Taking Hold in Nigeria? – Ajibola Adigun

Abdullahi Umar Ganduje

 In a state in northern Nigeria where Mallam  Ibrahim Shekarau, its former governor, publicly burned secular books eight years ago, nine people have been sentenced to death for blasphemy.  Abdul Inyas, Hajia Mairo Ibrahim and seven others were convicted of disrespecting the Prophet Muhammed (Peace Be unto Him) and sentenced to death in a closed […]

JJ, Omojuwa: What Nigeria’s President Buhari Will Discuss With President Obama and the POTUS’s Africa Trip

Buhari Obama

 President Buhari will be hosted by U.S. President Barack Obama today. From all indications, the United States will accord the visiting Nigerian president the most colourful welcome since the same was accorded Nigeria’s Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa exactly 54 years ago this July. The U.S.-Nigeria relationship suffered several setbacks under the last Nigerian administration and […]

African Free Trade Area: First Things First – Chofor Che

Africa Free Trade

 In late May 2015, How Africa published an article titled ‘Africa About to Launch a Free Trade Area Bigger than the EU or NAFTA.’ According to How Africa, this laudable trade area is purported to be greater in population than the European Union (EU). How Africa adds that the big Free Trade Area (FTA) aims […]

Xenophobia: We Are The Individualists – Martin van Staden

Jacob Zuma

 The following was written by Pretoria-based ASFL Local Coordinator Martin van Staden The last few weeks have seen the second significant wave of xenophobic attacks by citizens on foreign nationals, some legally and some illegally, living in South Africa. Xenophobia has been an issue in South African society before and after our democratization in 1994, […]