How Kenyatta has gone about stifling the free press in Kenya

  Kenya’s press must fight to protect its freedom. Thomas Mukoya/Reuters George Ogola, University of Central Lancashire In a move that has exposed Kenya’s fragile democracy, the government recently shut down the country’s three biggest TV stations. This unprecedented, unlawful and panicked response was supposed to ensure that there was no live coverage of the […]

Yusuf Bangura: Everything You Need To Know About Sierra Leone’s March 7 Elections

 Nigerians, like citizens of many large countries, often prioritise news on domestic affairs over what goes on outside their borders. However, as regional or global powers, such countries also need to be well informed about developments around the world, especially in countries where they have interests. Nigeria accounts for 51 percent of West Africa’s population […]

Media Shutdown in Kenya: An affront on Liberty – Burugu Babu

  In characteristic Kenyan humour, Kenyans on social media described the shutdown of four television stations as an exercise of the long arm of the government. Simply put, the government denied the audience access to information, leaving it with blacked out television sets. There was nothing humorous about the shut down though, it was a […]

Eustace Davie: Economic growth requires an environment in which prices are freely formed

 Prices, when left alone, “miraculously” direct all resources, including labour and capital, to their most productive uses. Examine the South African economy to find any activities that are carried out on a basis of voluntary exchange between individuals, under circumstances where peaceful exchanges are not interfered with by bureaucratic action, where prices are arrived at […]

Linda Whetstone: The Young African Scholars Colloquium – A Recap

  Last year I had the pleasure of attending the Young African Scholars Colloquium, which took place in Nairobi in October. It was a new initiative of Network for a Free Society(NFS), generously supported by the Goodrich Foundation, to give younger colleagues in Sub-Saharan Africa the opportunities afforded to those in other parts of the world […]

Africa’s 2018 elections: The good, the bad and the possibly not-at-all

 When the Arab Spring broke out this time in 2011, bringing down the long-standing regimes in Tunisia and Egypt amongst others, many wondered whether it would be followed by an African Spring south of the Sahara. None followed. This was in part, some concluded, because democracy had already been spreading across sub-Saharan Africa since the […]

Franklin Cudjoe​: Why eliminating drug patents is bad for global health and prosperity

 I have long argued (particularly in a 2007 WSJ article ‘Curing the Diseases of Poverty’) that unfortunately for us in poor nations, these health officials are missing the forest for the trees. Inadequate infrastructure, lack of medical professionals, under-funding and not price, are the chief obstacles blocking access of high-quality medicine to poor countries. A […]

Bukola Ogunyemi: Liberalization of air transport market takes Africa closer to desired economic integration

  Traveling by air from one African country to another, as those familiar with the routes and processes would testify, is often strenuous, expensive and time-wasting due to poor air connections borne out of ill-advised protectionist policies. As Umaru Fofana, a BBC journalist, detailed in his experience in 2017 flying between the West African capitals of […]

For Nigeria to progress and for a shared prosperity, we need a developmentalist coalition – Omano Edigheji, PhD

  Introduction Nigeria is endowed with both human and natural resources. Yet, it remained undeveloped. It is a rich country with poor people, a situation of poverty in the midst of plenty.  Why have some nations developed and others not? Nations developed because nationalistic and patriotic individuals come together to transform their societies. The aim […]