Ahmed Williams: The Travails of Small and Medium Enterprise Ownership in Nigeria

Olaoluwa Rasheed is the CEO of Nigeria's Bank of Industry, supporting SMEs with loans

 A recent World Bank Ease of Doing Business Index showcased how frustrating it is to own and operate a small and medium enterprise business in Nigeria in the 2015 Doing Business Index. The relative link between SME’s, economic growth and poverty alleviation cannot be overstated with regards to enhancing a robust economy. Thus, one important […]

Adagboyi Damian: Privatization Or Cronyism? The Case Of Benue State

Benue State prides itself as the food basket of the nation

 The relevance of public infrastructure has been a debatable issue in Nigeria since independence, owing to the growing demand on governments to provide rapid social development and economic growth. As a result, both past and present governments have expended huge financial resources on these infrastructures through annual subventions to the public enterprise sector. Nevertheless, a […]

Onuoha Frank: Locating African Values in Twenty–First Century Economics

African women are known to be enterprising

 Often you hear it said, “we have lost our values as Africans.” Africans say it and even non-Africans say the same thing. Which suggests that there must be some recognizable virtues or traits that identify an African and which informs her/his values. The world-renowned novelist, Professor Chinua Achebe in his book alludes to this sentiment […]

Onuoha Frank: Perspectives On The Nigerian Economy and Economic Freedom

Nigeria economy

 There are fences in virtually every strata of the Nigerian economy. Fences in this context, suggest physical or manmade barriers that impede the movement of goods and services from one point to another. It also portrays a situation where government meddles in every aspect of production in the economic chain of a country. In pre-colonial […]

Japheth J, Omojuwa: Nigeria and The Battle of Ideas

JJ, Omojuwa

 The battle for the soul of Nigeria is a battle between the status quo and reforms. The status quo has been winning the battle for over half a century, the reformists have a battle in their hands and the odds are very much against them. The realities of the prevailing victory of the status quo […]

Ahmed Williams: Buhari and his Northern Collaborators

Nigeria's President Mohammadu Buhari

 Not few were the resenting reactions resulting from president Buhari’s recent political appointees, a sizeable majority of whom stem from the northern part of the polity, Nigeria. To consider that it took him this long before he was finally able to select his vital assistants gives credence to the scarcity of resources at his disposal. […]

Carroll Nottage: The urgent need for Customs Modernization in Africa


 In developed countries, customs automation is one of the most powerful tools known to have increased customs efficiency and exposed loopholes where corruption dwells. Trade facilitation aims at making trade across borders faster, simpler and cheaper while ensuring its safety and security. In recent times, advanced countries have effectively implemented, maintained and successfully saved billions of […]