The African Union’s illusory quest for financial independence – Asanji Burnley and Chofor Che


In an op-ed by dated the 1 of February 2015, African leaders teamed up in Addis Ababa the capital of Ethiopia in a bid to seek for solutions for an independent African Union (AU). After a two-day summit which took place at the AU’s headquarters ironically built by the Chinese, African leaders proposed new […]

When a State Devours its Children


I have followed the otherwise diabolical incident at Langa’ta primary school, where the Kenyan state instead of providing security for its children, reneged on that important part of the social contract and turned predator, devoured its children without mercy. That reminded me of Grace Ogot’s Tekayo, and the grandfather who ate his grandchildren. The police […]

Nigerian 2015 Elections: The Essence of a Debate – JJ, Omojuwa


The two major presidential candidates would not be contesting if these elections were about Nigeria’s best public speakers. Public speaking is not their major strength but that is not the point of a debate. Debating the issues and being seen to be doing so on national television helps to further sensitize voters about the elections. […]

Fixing the Poverty Challenge in Africa: One tested solution – Chiyembekezo Lyson


Africa’s unemployment rate is on the rise. Most employees, both in the public and private sectors, are not satisfied with what their jobs are paying them. As a result, protests and strikes are becoming the norm of the day. The unemployed are protesting against governments for not creating jobs. As the employed are striking, demanding […]