Mauritius May Be The Ideal Gateway To Africa For Investors


  Mauritius is only 65km long, 45km wide and 2,000 km away from Africa. Yet there are strong indicators that this small island in the Indian Ocean may be the ideal gateway to Africa. In a period of great economic uncertainty right across the world and the collapse of commodity and extractives prices, investors need […]

A Powerful And Corrupt Elite Is Robbing Africa Of Its Riches

Sierra Leone

  The latest batch of the Panama Papers from a group of investigative journalists focused on shell companies and corruption in Africa. I read their findings with great interest and noticed how this round of tax revelations didn’t attract as much media interest as the first damning exposé. This could, of course, be for several […]

What Africa Can Learn From Sheffield’s Investment Deal With China

Buhari China

 The British press has been devoting acres of coverage to a £1bn foreign direct investment deal into Sheffield, a former mining town in northern England. Branded as an extension of the “golden era” of relations between Britain and China, the contract between Sheffield and Sichuan Guodong Construction Group has been heralded as a remarkable investment. […]

South Africa Is Africa’s Largest Economy (again). But What Does It Mean?

SA Reserve Bank

 South Africa has toppled Nigeria and reclaimed its status as the largest economy in Africa. This comes two years after Nigeria rebased its GDP calculation and advanced to the top spot. South Africa was also temporarily relegated to the third position early this year after Egypt climbed to claim the second spot. The Conversation Africa’s […]

#Rio2016: Nigeria The Wobbling Giant By Aduratomi Bolade

Team Nigeria

 For some curious reason, we have become used to low or at best average performance. Nigeria has become a synonym for mediocrity. Whether in governance, education or sports. Even in religion where we have some of the most celebrated religious leaders in the world, we’ve managed to inject our peculiar ‘Nigerianness’ into it as well. […]

Nasir El-Rufai: Repositioning the Nigerian Economy for Greatness


 State of the Economy That we live in challenging times is an understatement. In the year 2015, the global political economy showed both stresses and promises for our nation. In Eurozone and the USA, economic growth slowed and imports of our crude oil reduced drastically, no thanks to innovations in fracking technology. China’s decades of […]

How Economic Liberalization Can Strengthen Africa’s Fragile Democracies

Africa Butterfly

 Some call it Africa’s second liberation. After freedom from European colonisers came freedom from African despots. Since the end of the cold war multi-party democracy has spread far and wide across the continent, often with impressive and moving intensity. Remember 1994, when South Africans queued for hours to bury apartheid and elect Nelson Mandela as […]