Emeka Ezeugo: Why Socialism is More Successful Than Libertarianism

 It is important going into this article to specify how the success mentioned in the title is measured. Success is typically seen as a fulfillment of a function, but if Socialism as a system is measured in this way, then it fails dismally. The form of Socialism I am referring to is not the end-goal […]

Sekou Toure Otondi: Lessons for African Regionalism as Globalisation Takes a Beating


 Even before globalisation had convalesced from the aftershocks of Brexit another telling blow was dealt by the shock election of Trump as US president-elect. This is a Frankenstein moment in political history. It threatens the traditional ideological divide that for centuries has characterised party politics as leaning to the left or right. These events have […]

JJ Omojuwa: Ondo Poll And Akeredolu’s Next Challenge

Joshua Omojuwa

 The Independent National Electoral Commission certainly outdid itself in Ondo State, especially when measured against its recent consecutive inconclusive elections. Right from the distribution of electoral materials to accreditation and finally to the election proper, it was quite a swift and smooth transition of events. Is this an indication that INEC has finally woken up […]

Peter Uzoho: Opening Nigerian Ports to Public Scrutiny


 The Nigerian Ports Authority has signed an MoU with BudgIT to promote budget transparency, making it the first revenue-generating agency of government to open its books to public scrutiny. Is this the beginning of reform of public service finances as promised by the President Muhammadu Buhari administration, asks Peter Uzoho When Ms Hadiza Bala Usman, […]

Gurgur Japheth: Lessons From El-Rufai And Fitch Rating of Kaduna


 Fitch ratings is an international credit rating agency based out of New York City and London. The company’s ratings are used as a guide to investors as to which investments are most likely going to yield a return. It is based on factors such as how small an economic shift would be necessary to affect […]

Landlocked And With Few Natural Resources, Why Is China Investing Heavily In Rwanda?


 It’s hard not to see China’s footprint wherever one goes in Rwanda. Chinese engineers have designed and built the country’s tallest building, Kigali City Tower, a gleaming 20-story glass skyscraper; the building that houses Rwanda’s foreign ministry; various hotels, schools, and hospitals; and 80% of the country’s roads, according to a former Chinese ambassador to […]

Olumayowa Okediran: How a Trump Presidency Will Affect Nigeria

Mayowa Okediran

 American wanted a leader who cared more about their interests. In addition to Trump’s win, Republicans are in control of the Senate and the House. Trump’s stance on what America should be about, in addition to Britain’s decision to exit the EU, will mean countries like Nigeria must now look to become more independent of […]

Policies, Partnerships and Projects: Lessons in Healthcare Reforms From Kaduna State by Ibrahim Jato


 “Our programs are structured to ensure that a pregnant woman does not die due to her inability to access quality services during pregnancy and childbirth, that a child is not lost from preventable diseases that communities are not overburdened with endemic diseases, and that community linkages are harnessed and promoted.” – Nasir El-Rufai, Governor of […]

Temba Nolutshungu: Big Government And Big Labour: The Unholiest Of Alliances


 Labour unions have played an important economic, political and social role in the transition from apartheid to democracy. When black South Africans were barred from political participation during the apartheid years and the apartheid government explicitly and forcefully denied black South Africans a voice, labour unions effectively assumed a decidedly political role in the broader […]

President Donald Trump: The Journey To The White House by Jake Corleone


 I was close to tears as the results were coming in, I couldn’t believe what I was watching, I felt the world was ready for a woman President. I knew within me that the most qualified Presidential candidate ever was Hillary Clinton. Results from Ohio, Florida, Michigan et al shocked me. This made me think […]