Xenophobia: We Are The Individualists – Martin van Staden

Jacob Zuma

 The following was written by Pretoria-based ASFL Local Coordinator Martin van Staden The last few weeks have seen the second significant wave of xenophobic attacks by citizens on foreign nationals, some legally and some illegally, living in South Africa. Xenophobia has been an issue in South African society before and after our democratization in 1994, […]

The Future of e-Commerce in Africa – Chofor Che


 On the 24th of May to the 5th of June 2015, Tunisia will be hosting a conference on the importance of the Internet, especially in doing business in Africa. It happens that Africa especially states in the Central African region have not adequately taken advantage of opportunities offered to them by the Internet especially in […]

The African Union’s illusory quest for financial independence – Asanji Burnley and Chofor Che


 In an op-ed by Gulfnews.com dated the 1 of February 2015, African leaders teamed up in Addis Ababa the capital of Ethiopia in a bid to seek for solutions for an independent African Union (AU). After a two-day summit which took place at the AU’s headquarters ironically built by the Chinese, African leaders proposed new […]