Yusuf Bangura: Everything You Need To Know About Sierra Leone’s March 7 Elections

 Nigerians, like citizens of many large countries, often prioritise news on domestic affairs over what goes on outside their borders. However, as regional or global powers, such countries also need to be well informed about developments around the world, especially in countries where they have interests. Nigeria accounts for 51 percent of West Africa’s population […]

After Mugabe, all eyes are on Museveni: how long can he cling to power?

  Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni speaks during a presidential campaign rally in the capital Kampala in 2016. Reuters/James Akena Justin Willis, Durham University; Gabrielle Lynch, University of Warwick, and Nic Cheeseman, University of Birmingham On 21 November, Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe resigned as president under intense pressure from the military, his own party, and mass […]

Why elections don’t always equal democracy: the case of Kenya

  Kenyan opposition supporter is confronted by policy during clashes in Nairobi. Reuters/Thomas Mukoya Barbara Yoxon, University of York Kenya’s transition to a multiparty democracy in 1991 was one of the most promising cases of political change in Africa. Before then, the Kenya National Union Party (KANU) had monopolised power since outlawing political opposition in […]

A year of illusions: five things we learnt about democracy in Africa in 2017

  A strong judiciary isn’t enough to keep democracy in place. Kenya’s Supreme Court decision nullifying the re-election of Uhuru Kenyatta is a case in point. Reuters/Baz Ratner Nic Cheeseman, University of Birmingham The last twelve months have been a confusing time for African democracy. We have seen coups that didn’t look like coups and […]

Liberia’s election run-off: A choice between two imperfect options

 Keeping the incumbent party in office may be difficult to bear, but hope that the opposition will bring change may also be misplaced. The two contenders: Joseph Boakai (left) and George Weah (right). Musa Lamine was sitting under his market stall listening attentively to his radio when the news came over the airwaves. None of […]

#KenyaDecides: Meet the 7 candidates in Kenya’s presidential election rerun

 Kenya’s election rerun on October 26 is described as the most controversial election since the country’s independence in 1964. The rerun follows the August 8 presidential election which was annulled by the Supreme Court citing irregularities after a case was filed by the opposition National Super Alliance (NASA) party led by Raila Odinga. The opposition […]

#LiberiaDecides: George Weah takes early lead in presidential election count

 Former A.C. Milan soccer star George Weah and Vice President Joseph Boakai lead in Liberia’s presidential election as the electoral commission released provisional results of the Oct. 10 vote. Weah won 39 percent of the vote, while Boakai got 31 percent, with about 548,000 ballots counted, Jerome Korkoya, chairman of the National Elections Commission, told […]

Kenya’s president signs controversial electoral reform bill limiting power of Supreme Court to overturn election results

 Kenya’s president Uhuru Kenyatta has signed the controversial electoral reform bill into law on Friday and provided the country’s electoral commission 12 billion Kenyan shillings ($116,110,560) to conduct the October 26 election re-run. The supplementary bill passed by parliament on Wednesday stipulates among others that if a candidate withdraws from a repeat presidential election, the […]

Liberia Forges Forward in Elections Technology Despite Kenyan Setback

 Liberia’s Oct. 10 presidential and legislative elections are significant for several reasons. The country which represents Africa’s oldest republic will be conducting its third post-war election and first transitional election that would witness the transfer of power between a living incumbent president and president-elect. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Africa’s first female president and Noble Laureate has […]