I Didn’t Know There Was Much Corruption During My Regime – Goodluck Jonathan


 As anti-corruption agencies in Nigeria intensify efforts to recover stolen funds from political office holders who served in the last dispensation, former president Goodluck Jonathan has admitted he was unaware that much corruption occurred under his regime. In a meeting with President Buhari recently, it was gathered that the Bayelsa born politician was shocked when […]

Presidential Election In DR Congo Has Been Postponed Due To Lack Of Funds

Joseph Kabila

 The Electoral body in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) on Saturday disclosed that presidential elections in the country will be delay until at least July 2017. The Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) cited lack of funding and delays in voter registration as the major factors behind the postponement. This announcement effectively means that incumbent […]

How Economic Liberalization Can Strengthen Africa’s Fragile Democracies

Africa Butterfly

 Some call it Africa’s second liberation. After freedom from European colonisers came freedom from African despots. Since the end of the cold war multi-party democracy has spread far and wide across the continent, often with impressive and moving intensity. Remember 1994, when South Africans queued for hours to bury apartheid and elect Nelson Mandela as […]

Zambia’s Reputation As Stable Haven Tested After Contentious Poll

Zambia Election Result

 These are worrying times in Zambia, a southern African nation that takes pride in its peaceful, democratic history. After the president won re-election by what seems like an impossibly narrow margin, the nation’s opposition alleged last week’s poll was rigged and said it plans to challenge the results in court. On Tuesday, police announced they […]

Zambia’s 2016 Elections: Democracy Hovering On The Precipice


  When Rupiah Banda conceded defeat to Michael Sata in Zambia’s 2011 elections, many commentators hailed the peaceful transfer of power as a sign that the country’s democracy had matured. Twenty years after ousting the United National Independence Party (UNIP) in the historic 1991 multi-party elections, the Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) lost to Sata’s […]

IMANI 2016 Election Alert: Can Ghana’s Politicians Reduce Inequality in Pre-tertiary Education in Ghana?

Ghana Boy and Girl

 Inequality is evident in many spheres of life and the education sector is not an exception. Inequality can occur at any level of education and can affect the access that children have to education, as well as the quality of education they receive. Whether inequality affects quality or access, it puts children at a disadvantage.  […]

Gabon President Ali Bongo Warns Of Election Unrest

Gabon President

 Gabon president Ali Bongo Ondimba has warned of possible unrest during the August 27 election. According to him, the opposition has started by announcing that the election will not be transparent. Country’s constitutional court had last week rejected appeals lodged by three opponents against his candidacy. The opposition had maintained Bongo was ineligible to participate […]

62 Ex-presidents, Party Leaders From Africa Attend US Republican And Democratic Conventions

Hillary Raila Odinga

 Raila Odinga, Kenya’s current opposition leader, is caught in a bind. The former prime minister faces dissent within his own party, the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy, as tensions build toward next year’s general elections. Over the last few weeks, his party’s vice chairman and secretary general resigned, citing allegations of betrayal and lack of […]

Africa’s 2015 Election Experiences Present Dilemmas For 2016 Polls

Museveni 2

 This year, like 2015, promises to be yet another busy year in Africa’s electoral democracy stakes. More than a third of the continent’s 54 countries will conduct polls. All elections are important, but in some countries they carry particular weight. Key ones coming up are: Senatorial, state and federal constituency elections in Nigeria. In Africa’s […]