Alex Ndungu Njeru: The New Constitution and The New Wave of Corruption

Kenyans protesting against parliamentary corruption

 August 2015 marked exactly five years after Kenya got herself a new constitution, oh boy what a half decade it has been? Whereas some things have changed more things have remained the same, quite in contradiction to the euphoric mood and genuine optimism that characterized Kenya at the spur of that emotional moment on 10th […]

Issues In The Nigerian Presidential Elections – Japheth J. Omojuwa


 National insecurity, the economy and Nigeria’s challenge with corruption should dominate the conversation surrounding the nation’s 2015 elections but they have been sideshows to the trivialities that have risen to the fore over the last few weeks. The presidential election holds on March 28, just over three weeks today. None of the major candidates, incumbent […]

Nigerian 2015 Elections: The Essence of a Debate – JJ, Omojuwa


 The two major presidential candidates would not be contesting if these elections were about Nigeria’s best public speakers. Public speaking is not their major strength but that is not the point of a debate. Debating the issues and being seen to be doing so on national television helps to further sensitize voters about the elections. […]

Do Kenyans Own The Referendum Agenda? – Alex Ndungu Njeru

Alex Njeru_13

 I have followed the calls for the a referendum in Kenya with much chagrin, first because I am convinced that Kenya does indeed need a referendum and second because I believe this needs not be in the style and fashion that the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy and the governors council have brought forward. See, […]

Concretizing The Peace Deal In The Central African Republic – Chofor Che


   On the 24th of July 2014, France 24 reported that various armed groups met on Wednesday in Congo Brazzaville and agreed on a ceasefire. Over 170 Central African officials also took part in these talks, including members of transitional President Catherine Samba-Panza's government, lawmakers, members of political parties and civil society. France 24 added […]

Africa’s Climate Policies Burned By Firewood Dependence


  By Kayode Ogunbunmi and Madalitso Mwando Kwara/Harare — The women folk of Eye-Nkorin, a farming community of 500 people in Nigeria's Kwara State, make a living from cooking up mashed cassava – and for this they need a huge amount of energy, supplied by firewood from nearby forests. Piles of logs are stacked on the edge of […]