To Repair Our Reputation And Assure Our Partners That Nigeria Has CHANGED – Fashola Lists Gains From Buhari’s Foreign Trips


 In making this public intervention, I seek to highlight the benefit of global relationships and cooperation in a world that is changing daily as a result of globalisation and transborder economics, social and even criminal activities where no one is safe, except all are safe, and to leave the dispassionate observer his opinion after deep […]

Samson Itodo: Understanding the Nigerian Electoral (Amendment) Act, 2015

nigeria elections

 Introduction One of the pre-conditions for free, fair and credible elections is a coherent, unambiguous legal framework. This is so because elections are predicated on the viability and potency of a legal architecture anchored on the principles of inclusion, integrity, justice and equity. The Electoral legal framework defines political relationships, creates a framework for the […]

How Ugandans Evaded An Election Day Internet Crackdown


 On Thursday, Ugandans went to the polls in a presidential election that will decide the future of Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, who first took power in a 1986 coup. But as voting began Thursday morning, Museveni’s government cut off access to social media platforms including Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter. However, the blockage can be circumvented via […]

Investors Exit Uganda Stock Exchange As Election Nears


  Jittery investors at the Uganda Stock Exchange (USE) are exiting their equity portfolio for high-yielding safer government securities ahead of a hotly contest presidential election in a week’s time. Uganda’s presidential election pitting the incumbent Yoweri Museveni, 71, who’s running for the fourth-term, against his former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi and opposition leader Kizza […]

Alex Ndungu Njeru: The New Constitution and The New Wave of Corruption

Kenyans protesting against parliamentary corruption

 August 2015 marked exactly five years after Kenya got herself a new constitution, oh boy what a half decade it has been? Whereas some things have changed more things have remained the same, quite in contradiction to the euphoric mood and genuine optimism that characterized Kenya at the spur of that emotional moment on 10th […]

Issues In The Nigerian Presidential Elections – Japheth J. Omojuwa


 National insecurity, the economy and Nigeria’s challenge with corruption should dominate the conversation surrounding the nation’s 2015 elections but they have been sideshows to the trivialities that have risen to the fore over the last few weeks. The presidential election holds on March 28, just over three weeks today. None of the major candidates, incumbent […]