2019 ASFL Regional Conferences

African Students For Liberty is pleased to inform you that we have now launched applications to 2019 African Students For Liberty Regional Conferences! This is our region’s biggest event, gathering the brightest minds, an amazing line up of speakers to touch on important topics that concern liberty in the world today.

ASFL Regional Conferences are events held to introduce new students to the ideas of liberty and provide a forum in which students already dedicated to liberty can become effective leaders. They serve as a combination of pep rally, debate forum, lecture hall, strategy room, and networking session for students interested in the principles of human and economic freedom. And it’s a weekend of fun and meeting with young leaders from all walks of life and as well as making new friends.

This year’s regional conferences shall be hosted between September and November in Burundi, Nigeria, and Kenya!

Especially important this year is that each of these conferences will touch on various topical issues as it affects the country, region where it is hosted.

At the East Africa Regional Conference this year, some of the discussions will revolve around the issue of increasing unemployment in Kenya, and the nexus between the manufacturing and the service industry.

In Nigeria, where the West African Regional Conference shall be held, discussions will revolve around regional integration and  the importance of the recently signed African Continental Free Trade Agreement by the Nigerian government,  Drug policy issues and human rights;

And in Burundi at the Great Lakes Regional Conference (for Francophone Africa), we shall discuss on Free Speech, Rule of Law as well as cross-fertilization of ideas that promote freedom, wider citizen access to information, limited government and shared experiences in growing the liberty network across the continent.

For more information on this year’s conferences, visit – http://www2.studentsforliberty.org/e/319531/conferences-/4r8zj/108407205?h=LwvXdsKqZmCG4a2OO5k6Cdb2RI54M_wmYzHhebw1hnI

There are limited slots available, and I highly encourage you to secure your seat by applying for FREE now! 

The dates for the Regional Conferences include:

  • Great Lakes Regional Conference (Francophone Africa), Bujumbura, Burundi – 20 September 2019Apply here 
  • West Africa Regional Conference, Ibadan, Nigeria – 12 October 2019Apply here.
  • East Africa Regional Conference, Nairobi, Kenya – 02 November 2019. Apply here 
Join us as we foster excellent discussions around policy issues in Africa, and steer way forward!