This is a collection of texts from some of our scholars and influential classical liberal writers. They are brief dives into our core values and serves as an introduction to the issues we address at African Liberty everyday.



We hope that you will find them interesting and relevant to your freedom-loving mind.

It Belongs to Me! A Libertarian Analysis of Property Rights in Nigeria
by Tam Alex

The Liberal Tradition in South Africa, 1910–2019
by Martin Van Staden

Applied Economics for Africa
by George B.N. Ayittey

20 Myths about Markets

by Tom Palmer


Chapter 6: First Generation Problems


Chapter 8: How to Develop Africa

What is Seen and What is not Seen

by Claude Frederic Bastiat

Principles for a Free Society

by Dr. Nigel Ashford

In Defense of Global Capitalism

by Johan Norberg

Constitutionalism and Democratic Governance in Africa:

Contemporary Perspectives from Sub-Saharan Africa

From John Law to John Maynard Keynes

by Steve Hanke

Seven Principles of Sound Public Policy

by Lawrence W. Reed


The Ambush of African Philosophy: An Exhumation of Classical Liberal Principles in the Evolution of Africa Societies

by Ibrahim B. Anoba