Introduction and Welcome Message – From the Editor

Even old Socialist or even Communist States are fast embracing reforms and doing the obvious, instituting property rights and freedom of trade. Some are making the mistake, however, of adopting mercantilism, thinking that using the state’s power to gain access to resources abroad through bribes will command global respect. Africa is one place they are casting their glance.

Africa ought to position itself in time for the next biggest hunt for its resources. The onslaught however is on, and aggressively led by China with many offers. We seem to be buckling under the good old magical hand of foreign aid again.

As a third-world continent in a first-world universe, Africa has some serious catching up to do in order to be competitive economically as opposed to being the world’s largest charity case. Most African nations’ governments are "democratic" yet leave little room in the economy for growth. As government has failed over and over again in attempting to juggle all the balls in society, is there a role for small, private companies who are stepping up to the plate?
Would our governments support individual choice, creativity and innovation or would we continue to invest in illogical business regulations, corrupt, bloated and inefficient bureaucracies, scant respect for contracts, an absence of property rights and worrying deficits of free and competitive markets within Africa ?

We are mindful of falling into the argument of democracy and free markets being only a Western construct and we just tagging along; which is why we are giving an opportunity through our website to ordinary Africans, journalists, academics, students who strive daily to make ends meet to tell us their type of Africa they wish to experience. And of course from our Politicians and all who have good intentions for African. We would syndicate articles, papers and books that hold in them the solution to Africa’s poverty and dependence. is truly dedicated to promoting freedom enterprise, educated leadership and success in Africa. Let’s think together,

Franklin Cudjoe