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Senior Fellow, Alexander C.R. Hammond join the Free Market Foundation’s Chris Hattingh to discuss the right and wrong of economics during the coronavirus outbreak with particular reference to Africa.

THE south african economy amidst covid-19

Senior Fellow, Phumlani Majozi joins Chai FM to discuss the economic reality in one of Africa’s most important economies through the eyes of state policies enacted to mitigate the spread of the virus.

How to Open South African Economy After COVID-19

Senior Fellow, Phumlani Majozi on ChaiFM South Africa discussing the state of the country’s economy during the coronavirus lockdown.


Is there Hope for Africa in the 2020s?

In the year 2000, The Economist magazine described Africa as the “hopeless continent”, adding that the “new millennium has brought more disaster than hope to Africa.” Joining the IEA’s Emma Revell to discuss this is the Senior Fellow, Alexander Hammond.


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2020/2021 Fellow Class


Phumlani Majozi, Financial Mail, Backstory


Riaan Salie, City Press, EWC is a Zero-sum Game that will Lead to more Poverty and Misery


Phumlani Majozi, Politics Web, SA won’t be Fixed, and the Worst is on the Way


Ope Adetayo, Africa is a Country, The Society as we know it


Ope Adetayo, The Guardian Nigeria, Why Nigeria must Wrest itself from Western Representation


Abayomi Odewale, The Cable NG, African Youth Dilemma: Unemployment and Longing for Green Pasture


Ibraheem Abdullateef, The Cable NG, Nigeria needs Economic Freedom and Property Rights in its War against COVID-19


Alexander Hammond, 1828, How Africa can bounce back from Covid-19




2019/2020 Fellow Class


Haleed Sulemana, Sahara Reporters, How Will Africa Fare After COVID-19? By Haleed Sulemana


Akinyemi Muhammad, Daily Trust, Corruption and Poverty are Killing Nigerians more than COVID-19


Alexander Hammond, CapX, Lockdown in Africa: Is the Treatment More Deadly Than the Disease?


Phumlani Majozi, PoliticsWeb, An Open Letter to Johann Rupert


Phumlani Majozi, News24, Ramaphosa’s handling of Covid-19 and the complexities of statesmanship


Haleed Sulemana, GhanaWeb, How should Ghana manage the Galamsey crisis?


Phumlani Majozi, News24, Covid-19 Reminds us of the Importance of Effective Border Controls



Olumayowa Okediran, Nigerian Tribune, Lagos’ Ban On Bike-Hailing Startups Shows How Difficult Doing Business In Nigeria Could Be

Alexander Hammond, National Interest, South Africans’ Property Rights Are in Deep Danger, Here’s How America Can Help

Phumlani Majozi, News24, Ramaphosa’s AU chairmanship will be a challenge, but he and Africa can learn from Trump

Phumlani Majozi, PoliticsWeb, Can Mboweni do what is right in his budget speech?,

Alexander Hammond, Real Clear World, To Prosper, Africa must be Free to Innovate

Akinyemi Muhammad, The Nigerian Tribune, Let’s Face It: ₦37 Billion On Renovating National Assembly Is Beyond Absurd

Haleed Sulemana, FTNetwork, Why African Governments should Consider the Legalization of Cannabis

Phumlani Majozi, News24, Davos 2020: The focus should be on poverty, not inequality

Muhammadulfatiu Adepeju, Sahara Reporters, 21 Years On, Our Democracy Still Sick 

Emmanuel Nnamdi Ayogu, Business Insider SSA, Could Zambia’s Soaring Debt be Managed more Prudently?

Abdullahi Tijani, Business Day Nigeria, Nigeria’s Visa-on-Arrival policy needs more work for it to help the Economy

Precious Ohaegbulam, The Zimbabwean, Nigeria and Zimbabwe have Declared War on Democracy

Phumlani Majozi, Biz News, My advice to Ramaphosa: Borrow Thatcherism

Phumlani Majozi, News24, A UCT Boycott of Israel would be Disastrous

Olumayowa Okediran, 21 Democracy, Why We Should be Worried about Africa’s Borrowing Spree from China

Phumlani Majozi, Fin24, Mboweni is the Only Rational Minister in Ramaphosa’s Lousy Government

Alexander Hammond,, Anti-Capitalism: Trendy but Wrong

Haleed Sulemana, New Dawn Liberia, Africa is Dragging itself into Tyranny with Internet Censorship

Feyisade Adeyemi, New Telegraph, Could the private sector fill Nigeria’s $31bn annual infrastructure gap?

Akinyemi Muhammed, New Dawn Liberia, Buhari’s Ban on Rice Importation is a Bad Economic Policy

Muneer Yaqub, The Guardian, Nigeria’s rise in the World Bank’s Doing Business ranking does not reflect the country’s reality

Olumayowa Okediran, Sahara Reporters, Hate Speech Law Would Only Make Nigerians Greater Victims of the System

Abdullahi Tijani, The Nigerian Tribune, Why Close Borders After Signing a ‘Free Trade’ Agreement?

Olumayowa Okediran, Business Insider Sub-Saharan Africa, Saving Kenya from an Impending Economic Meltdown

Ponmile Orija, All Africa, New Dawn Liberia, Why Sierra Leone’s Economy is in Such a Heartbreaking State

Feyisade Adeyemi, Business Day Nigeria, Air Peace’s Heroism Proves Why Nigeria must Strongly Support Enterprise 

Akinyemi Muhammed, Sahara Reporters, Could A Vital Lesson For The President’s RUGA Settlement Project Lie In Fadama?

Alexander Hammond, City Press, Without Strong Property Rights, An African Free Trade Area is Meaningless

Ibrahim B. Anoba, The SAIS Review of Intl. Affairs, How a Population of 4.2 Billion Could Impact Africa by 2100: The Possible Economic, Demographic, and Geopolitical Outcomes

Phumlani Majozi, Business Insider Sub-Saharan Africa, The Hardest Work Now Begins For Sudan

Abdullah Tijani, The Nigerian Tribune, Of Nigeria’s Health Insurance Scheme And Medical Care

Muneer Yaqub, The Vanguard Nigeria, Nigeria’s Culture of Creating Laws without Implementation is Hurting PWDs

Alexander Hammond, National Interest, Africa Just Created a Major Free Trade Bloc

Alexander Hammond, CapX, The Trade Deal that could Kick-Start Africa’s Industrial Revolution

Ibrahim Anoba,, African Heroes of Freedom: Queen Moremi Ajasoro

Alexander Hammond, National Interest, South Africa’s Leaders Just Showed They Don’t Care About Voters

Ibrahim Anoba,, Commerce and Trade in Ancient Africa: Egypt

Alexander Hammond, National Interest, How Africa Becomes a Free Trade JuggernautMultimedia