A selection of articles for sound economic thinking :

Follies of Raising Tax Revenue By Thompson Ayodele

Can Greed Save Africa? – Fearless investing is succeeding where aid often hasn’t By Roben Farzad

Emperor Hu’s new clothes for Africa By Bright B Simons, Evans Lartey and Franklin Cudjoe

One thing China can’t offer Africa By Bright B Simons, Evans Lartey and Franklin Cudjoe

Africa needs freer markets and fewer tyrants By Franklin Cudjoe

Let Africa Fight Its Own Devils – By Franklin Cudjoe

Development & Economic Freedom : Reflections on Africa’s Famine: What Jeffrey Sachs overlooked By Franklin Cudjoe

Globalization rocks but african leaders fail to see it By Franklin Cudjoe

An Interview with June Arunga By Amanda Howe

How can poor countries help themselves ? By Franklin Cudjoe

Human Rights Groups Accused of Undermining Capitalism By Sherrie Gossett

Free Traders Won’t Be Guilty! By Franklin Cudjoe

The developping world needs trade, not aid, to help the poor By James Shikwati

Personal view Rock-star economics are not helping poor Africans By Franklin Cudjoe

Can St Bob really Make Poverty History? By Rosie Murray-West

African Perspectives on Aid:
Foreign Assistance Will Not Pull Africa Out of Poverty
by Thompson Ayodele, Franklin Cudjoe, Temba A. Nolutshungu, and Charles K. Sunwabe

Nigeria and Free Trade by Thompson Ayodele

Privatization and Economic Reform By Thompson Ayodele

Trade liberalization and trade barriers
By Thompson Ayodele

Protestors ignore benefits of free trade By Johan Norberg, Roger Bate and Thomson Ayodele

Is Privatization a cure-all for the economic ills? By Thompson Ayodele