Swahili Texts on AfricanLiberty.org

1. Hernando de Soto’s, "Bringing Capitalism to the Masses"

2.  Erik Gartzke’s, "Economic Freedom and Peace"

3.  F. A. Hayek’s, "The Use of Knowledge in Society"

4.  F. A. Hayek’s , "Competition as a Discovery Procedure"

5. Ludwig Lachmann’s, "The Market Economy and the Distribution of    Wealth"

6. Frederic Bastiat’s, "What Is Seen and What Is Not Seen"

7. John Stuart Mill’s , "On Liberty"


Thursday, January 22, 2008 

We are happy to announce that our Swahili version of notable libertarian texts are now available. We would be publishing the works of Frederick Bastiat, John Staurt Mill, Freidrich Hayek, Cato, Tom Palmer, and many others. We would be grateful if our Swahili speaking friends will spread the word in East Africa in particular.  We begin with Tom Palmer’s Twenty Myths About Markets, which translates in Swahili  as Hoja Ishirini za Uongo kuhusu Masoko. Please read  the PDF version here as well as the MS Word version here


Biashara Huria Ndiyo Sera Bora