How to be Your Own Boss

By Kojo Oppong-Nkrumah

oppong nkrumahIn an inspiring, and sometimes profoundly moving, presentation (judging by the script), Mr. Nkrumah will take participants on a journey through the landscapes of self-reliance, personal development and professional growth, drawing heavily on his own experiences as a young entrepreneur and, presently, as one of Ghana ’s foremost electronic journalists.

He will share personal struggles of the transition between an unfulfilling educational system, where as an accounting major he had found the theories and abstract formalisms he was expected to imbibe to be lifeless and out of touch with his creative imagination, and his currently turbo-charged daily encounters with new ideas, new waves of thinking and new people with new, revolutionary, takes on life.

He will chronicle his involvement in the student entrepreneurial program, SIFE, where to his delight his eyes were opened to the possibility of a ‘’Paradigm Shift’’ through the process of private entrepreneurship and self-reliance. How the vision of putting his creativity and imagination to the task of personal development and career progress was revealed to him through participation with SIFE is bound to be of significant interest to many a participant facing the same dilemmas that he did. In that light, so will his recounting of the trials and triumphs of his first business, a campus newspaper, and how it paved the way for his career development at current place of employment.

Towards the end of this presentation, Mr. Nkrumah will focus on lifelong learning and the importance of ‘’social knowledge’’ – that is knowledge that derive from multiple sources: intellectual, academic as well as non-academic sources – in navigating the complex day-to-day challenges of professional life, particularly for young professionals.

Mr. Nkrumah hopes strongly that his motivational presentation will urge on participants to consider seriously the prospects of entrepreneurship, not only as an alternative to waged employment, but even more fascinatingly as a complement to more formal career paths.

The resonating themes will be: Self Reliance, Self-Motivation, Risk-Management, Thrill-Seeking and above all Opportunity-Grabbing.

Kojo Oppong Nkrumah is host of the widely syndicated Super Morning Show on BBC’s 2nd best radio station in Africa.
Express permission for citing Mr. Nkrumah’s works should be sought from Franklin Cudjoe Editor, African Liberty & Executive Director, IMANI.