Other Interviews of Franklin Cudjoe

1. AfricanLiberty.org Editor and Imani Ghana Director, Franklin Cudjoe discusses Ghana ‘s economic and corporate management since Independence in 1957 and the way forward. His co-discussant is Mr Yoofi Grant, Executive Director of Databank in Ghana.
The one and half hour long interview was held on Ghana ‘s premier Radio, Joy FM on February 20, 2007.
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2. Radio Interview,October 17, 2007 : World Poverty Reduction Day
AfricanLiberty.org Editor and IMANI Executive Director, Franklin Cudjoe takes on the UN and the Ghanaian government on the achieving the first Millennium Development Goals of halving poverty by 2015.

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Interview begins from slide six.
Joy FM is BBC’s Second best radio station in Africa

3. Franklin rails against the presumption that decent alcohol advertisements have debilitating effect on minors. Franklin argues for contextual empirical evidence to back FDB’s claims. He essentially argues that bans induce black racketeering entrenching a 40% thriving informal illicit alcohol industry that does not advertise. The interview evokes a swift response from the Ghana FDB, with an invitation to Franklin to help draft a Press Release announcing the lifting of the ban which had been in place for a couple of months now. Franklin and the FDB Boss meet this morning, October, 19 2007 to finalise on the PR.
Please click on the link below to listen to the interview. Interview begins from slide six

listen here… The radio station, Joy FM, is BBC’s Second best radio station in Africa

4. Trade and Development post non-Doha: Let’s get real

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  • Moderator: Prof. Jean-Pierre Lehmann — Professor of International Political Economy, IMD, Switzerland and Founding Director, The Evian Group
  • Shuaihua Cheng — Young Professional Officer, China Programme, ICTSD
  • Franklin Cudjoe — Executive Director, Imani: The Centre for Humane Education, Ghana
  • Ximena Escobar Nogales — Center for Applied Studies in Negotiations, CASIN, Switzerland
  • Huma Fakhar — Founder and Chairperson of Market @ccess Promotion, Pakistan
  • Pranav Kumar — Policy Analyst, CUTS International, India

5. April 11, 2007 Radio Interview on Joy FM, , BBC’s Africa ’s second best radio station. AfricanLiberty.org Editor and IMANI director, Franklin Cudjoe discusses the double economic burden of non-communicable diseases with Ghanaian Health Officials and Market Development Manager of Pfizer, West Africa . Divine Akaba . You can listen to the entire discussion at

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6. April 16, 2007 IMANI’s Academic Advisor Urges Ghana to go nuclear. IMANI’s Academic Advisor Mr Kofi Bentil, urges Ghana ’s Energy Ministry to get serious with alternative energy sources. He effortlessly but eloquently convinces Ghanaians that nuclear is one of the best ways to go as the country faces dire energy poverty. Once again listen to the entire discussion at

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