TV Africa features editor on Political Party Financing

Monday, March 24, 2008

Please listen to audio here.

The Institute of Economic Affairs in GHANA (not the UK) is seeking to push a bill in Parliament to ask ordinary and overburdened Ghanaians to contribute 2.5% of Value Added Tax to support Political Parties in Ghana. 2.5% VAT is what Ghanaians pay into the National Health Insurance fund and 2.5% VAT is again what we pay into the Ghana Education Trust Fund. editor, Franklin Cudjoe and other civil society groups feel its immoral to ask Ghanaians, who correctly perceive Politicans as self-serving to give them free money. Editor, Franklin Cudjoe in the second of two television interviews discusses political party funding with Ghana’s Ruling government’s spokesperson on Social Services, Mr. Amponsah Bediako and the main opposition party (National Democratic Congresss) Deputy General Secretary, Mr. Baba Jamal.