Tutorial on Property Rights as Norm and as Resource

Dr. Tom Palmer, Director, Cato University

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tom PalmerGiven the deficit of libertarian thought on the continent, we made sure, there was a good deal of understanding of sound institutions needed for our participants to grasp the workings of a truly free society. One such topic was on the value of property rights.

Dr. Palmer’s tutorial “covered norms (both sociologically and morally),on the history of property, the theory of ownership, theory of institutions, the economics of property/capital, with examples from the Icelandic ITQ system of property in fish, Hernando de Soto’s The Mystery of Capital, and the like”.

Dr. Palmer regularly lectures in America, Europe, Eurasia, and the Middle East on political science, public choice, civil society, and the moral, legal, and historical foundations of individual rights and has been published widely.

Dr. Palmer’s presentation will be made available at a future date, but you can see photo reports of his lecture here…