Susu Alordey

Friday, July 4, 2008

Susu Alordey Dear Franklin

It has been a week since we graduated from SYPALA 2008" Liberty Abreast African Intellect’ seminar organized by Cato Institute and IMANI. I must say in all honesty that it was a great experience that I will forever recommend to everybody, especially to young people who wish Ghana ,and for that mater Africa, becomes a better and prosperous continent to live in sooner than later.

The week long conference has really opened my mind to a lot of things that I would have otherwise not known if I had not been part of this year’s seminar. Indeed, what Africa needs at this current socio-political dispensation is liberalized socio-economic system devoid of excessive governmental control by minimizing political power whilst upholding the principles of rule-of-law and good governance so as to create an atmosphere for innovation which will consequently lead to alleviation of Africa’s worse disease poverty.

Susu Alordey