Wanted: Will Omar Al-Bashir’s Arrest end Sudan’s ‘Genocide’?

Monday, July 14, 2008

President OmarThe Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court is seeking the arrest of Sudan’s President, Gen. Omar Al-Bashir for war crimes.

However, would hauling Sudan’s Omar Bashir before the International Criminal Court end one of the globe’s worst human rights crises? – the conflict in Sudan which involves violent militias allegedly supported by the Sudanese government targeting civilians and routing them from their homes. It’s estimated that 2 million civilians have been forced to flee.

What’s happening in Sudan is not a religious conflict, despite what Many think. It is due to an absence of clearly defined property rights, which always endangers the rights of humans. Ms. June Arunga explained in her documentary The Devil’s Footpath how people are literally cleared off the land under which minerals are found, instead of reaching sharing agreements with them. In Sudan’s case, it’s the oil. Until clearly defined property rights are instituted Sudan’s tragedy will continue.