Kenya: Ethnic Relations Bill in Limbo- Can Bill Balance Accountability and Peace?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

KenyaKenya has learnt her lessons well after the botched elections that killed over a 1000 and displaced thousands. It seems the real learners are the politicians, who actually fanned ethnic divisions. Kenya’s parliamentary committee has rejected the Ethnic Relations Bill submitted by a government commission on ethnic and racial discrimination.

The bill was to deal with ethnic disharmony in the country. Aside some flaws which needed to be looked at, the MP’s in the house are divided on the issue as some see the bill as an avenue for the government to hunt its enemies. Others who welcomed the proposed bill say it was time to punish those who were ethnic bias. Kenyans must appeal to their leaders to carefully balance political accountability with internal security– the two pre-requisites to fostering peace, liberty, and prosperity.