The Ugandan Military: More Bias than a Political Party

Tuesday, August 05, 2008 

Ugandan ArmyIn Uganda and many other places in Africa, the brute force of the military could be employed at the President’s will to crush opposition ‘elements’ for lawfully demonstrating.  But it is particularly poignant to hear a military chief pledging unflinching support for an incumbent President who intends contesting a general election even when it is clear the incumbent has usurped the country’s constitution many times. Well, Ugandan’s President Museveni, doesn’t need to worry if he intends running for a fourth term in office, because the military will see him transit again.
The chief of defense force in Uganda has pledged support for the next president of Uganda in the up coming elections. Interestingly the military claims it will continue to be non-political and respect the outcome of the election.
The law bars soldiers from engaging in politics. Many military personnel in the government have been accused of intimidating supporters of the opposition during elections. Concerns are however being raised about whether the government will really hand over power to the newly elected government. It is reasonable Ugandans do not believe in what Gen Around said, besides it is the same military that have been unfair to the people.