Kenya’s Police Up Their Corrupt Game

Tuesday, August 19, 2008  

Police KenyaKenyans believe that their police officials are the most corrupt institutions in Africa. International organisations ranked the country’s police officers as the most corrupt public officials in any government. The police continue to innovate interesting ways of succeeding in their illegal venture.

Drivers sometimes neatly put a bank note in their drivers’ license books when the officers ask for it and the officer stealthy takes it out. Other times the drivers fold the money into a neat ball and drop it on the floor which the police officer picks after the vehicle drives away. Recently the anti-corruption commission has unearthed a new method the corrupt officers receive bribe; this is through the use of mobile phone technology.

Traffic police officers are those guilty for such practices. They have devised a way of receiving money through cashing agents of mobile phone operators. An officer can make between sh 500 and sh15, 000 a day. Investigations are underway to wipe out corrupt officers and also make bribing more difficult for the