Adapting to Climate Change: The Maasai Could Help

Wednesday, August 20, 2008 

MaaaiAs myriad of UN bureaucrats continue to fantasize about the best way to fight climate change, allied agents of the UN, such as Oxfam believe its research into East Africa’s minority ethnic Maasai group, reveals a timeless tradition of adapting to harsher climatic regimes.
Maasai’s crop production history could well be a blue print for solving world hunger. But then wouldn’t we be better off learning to adapt even with technology rather than fall for alarmist and distractive theories from bureaucrats who simply create excuses to have some work to do?  
The next conference of the  United Nation’s Framework Convention on Climate Change is underway in Accra. Expect nothing but empty hot air with grandiose lunches at the expense of the global tax payer.