Critics to Accept Reality that Mozambique is Doing Well

Tuesday, August 26, 2008  

President Armando Emilio Guebuza believes that beyond his inauguration as President of Mozambique on February 2, 2005, the country was already on the path of recovery from an atrocious war that ended in 1992.

Mozambique’s economy was devastated by almost three decades of internal warfare during which millions of Mozambicans were displaced and many killed.

Inflation was reduced to single digits during the late 1990s, and although it returned to double digits in 2000-06, in 2007 inflation had slowed to 8%, while GDP growth reached 7.5%. Heritage’s 2008 Index of Economic Freedom says Mozambique’s economy is 56.6 percent free, which makes it the world’s 96th freest economy

So, the President tells critics to look at gains made in the health, education, telecommunications, roads as well as investing in   a stable government rather than focus on the darker side since "There is a level of poverty in every country and Mozambique is not an exception even though things have improved there is more to be done and the citizens need to work harder as well as the government to build a stronger economic stability and improve infrastructure."