Mugabe Loses Incumbency in Parliament

Tuesday, August 26, 2008 

MugabeEvents in Zimbabwe look pretty much like that of Kenya after the bungled elections, only in the case of the former, Gestapo tactics are still being employed by Mugabe’s ilk to keep the country from lawful rule.

A show of excessive bravado was exhibited in no less a place than the country’s Parliament.  After almost five months of delay in opening Parliament, Mugabe’s Police continue to bring up trumped-up charges against his opponents who won parliamentary seats.

Despite the unexplained arrest of two opposition MPs ahead of a crucial vote for a new Speaker of Parliament, Mugabe’s ZANU-PF lost its incumbency in parliament to Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC. That notwithstanding, fifteen MDC Parliamentarians could not attend the swearing in of parliamentarians for fear of violence against the opposition. The South African Development Committee seems to be in control as it has given permission for Parliament to convene in spite of the power sharing deal still in progress.