Banning Co-Ed Schools in Nigeria, a Very Extreme Measure

Friday, August 29, 2008 

Nigerian MapFor law makers and educational authorities in the Northern Nigerian state of Buachi, the only solution to adolescent mischief, chiefly teenage pregnancy, is to separate boys from girls in junior and senior high schools. However, this extreme action by itself cannot end the canker they hope to fight because, students will get to meet after  school anyway.

In passing a bill prepared for the thoughtless action the members of parliament underscored the need to increase performance of students and also fight teenage pregnancy which doesn’t seem to be reducing.

It is however not certain when schools will become single sex. Expectedly, minority Christians are however opposed to the decision taken since boys and girls get the opportunity to socialize outside school. Amazingly private religious schools are not to be subjected to the ruling, ostensibly because they are holier than the mainstream schools.