The Harare Chamber of Commerce ‘Dollarisation’ dinner

Rejoice Ngwenya of COMALISO to facilitate the Harare Chamber of Commerce ‘Dollarisation’ dinner, Thursday, 18 September 2008, 5:30pm for 6:00pm

If you thought the acronyms FOLIWARS, FELOCS and FELOPADS are terms for a new science fiction epic blockbuster, then you have not encountered Dr Gideon Gono’s unending creative genius! The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe [RBZ] governor is no stranger to ‘Zollywood’ innovations, having been responsible for monetary box office hits like ‘Sunrise One’ and its sequel ‘Sunrise Two’, ‘Agro Mechanisation’ and  ‘BACOSSI’.

These masterpieces poured trillions of worthless Zimbabwe Dollar bearer
cheques into the Local Money Market, enriching few, impoverishing most and chocking all! In the process, Dr Gono created more adversaries at black market paradise ‘Rowdy Port’ than fans; even then, his mechanised autograph is still a bestseller on the Hundred Billion Dollar Bill on E-bay!

Of all enemies that have been evasive to Dr Gono, one Rampant Hyperinflation has given him a headache. But on 10 September 2008, Dr Gono took the proverbial bull by the horns and decided to defeat Rampant Hyperinflation by starving him of bearer cheques and introducing omni-present United States Dollars in Zimbabwe’s retailing
system. Whether or not Dr Gono will prevail, is a question Mr Tendai Mavhima, the Harare Chamber of Commerce boss wants to confront at a dinner this Thursday, 18 September, at the Crowne Plaza Monomatapa Hotel, from 5:30pm onwards.

Mr Mavhima wants his members, and all Businesspersons worth the paper the currency Dr Gono is so desperate for – the Greenback – to appreciate the consequences of FOLIWARS, FELOCS and FELOPADS to their businesses. On my part, I will ask one simple question: has Dr Gideon Gono finally succumbed to Professor Steve Hanke’s recommendation to Dollarise the Zimbabwe Monetary System? My friend Steve must be
doing headstands in his lecture room, because he told me recently in Washington, DC at a lunch hosted for my benefit by free market icon CATO Institute that Dr Gono would soon wave the monetary chequered flag of surrender to the domineering green back!

To help Tendai Mavhima and myself get more answers from your debates, we have invited the RBZ itself to shed more light, specialist consultants to scrutinize implications of Dr Gono’s radical policy reform on taxation, exchange reserves, pricing, exports, investment and money transfer systems.  Tendai and I were tempted to send you an invoice quoted in US Dollars, but Harare Chamber is NOT on Dr Gono’s
250-strong Special Foreign Exchange Denominated Shops [SPEFODENOS?] list.

So the dinner will set you back One Million Five Hundred Thousand Zimbabwe Dollars ONLY,inclusive of three course buffet meal, top-shelf advice, PowerPoint and dinner digital picture report. There will be a cash bar.

Call Harare Chamber administrator
Chiedza on:  0912 748 095 or 780207 and 781557. If you can’t catch her, talk to me on 0912 256 326.  Rejoice Ngwenya Facilitator, Free Market Economy Activist