Costly Political Maneuvers in South Africa

Tuesday, September 23, 2008 

Jacob Zuma (L) Thabo Mbeki(R)The rumpus between the maverick Jacob Zuma and the conscientious Thabo Mbeki have never been this bitter. It is certainly bitter sweet for Jacob Zuma who got pushed earlier for being too sleazy in dealing with business men.

While Zuma was technically left off the hook by a South African Judge for the over indulgence of the State prosecutor in his corruption case that was to be the nemesis of Thabo Mbeki as all the markings of political pressure was surreptitiously employed by him to finally undo Zuma.

So, President Mbeki announced his resignation this week after pressure from the ANC leadership.  Mbeki has been accused of using his political position to influence corruption charges against his rival Jacob Zuma. The allegations have been condemned by Mbeki and the main opposition party Democratic Alliance as Zuma’s way of finding political solution to his legal problems.

The party has gone ahead to choose its deputy leader Kgalema Motlanthe as the caretaker president until elections next year when Jacob Zuma will be made its leader and hopefully president. Will Zuma, an uncoventional communist make a good President? Would he be able to satisfy the impatient trade unions? What would be his economic plans to salvage the teeming impoverished South Africans?