Curbing Illegal Migration: The EU sets up Job Centre in Africa

Thursday, October 09, 2008 

Illegal ImmigrantEurope has had enough of illegal migrants; especially those Africans who trade with dangerous seas and treacherous deserts to make it to ‘paradise’.

Europe surely needs skilled and unskilled labour to make up for its ageing population, but it wants migrants coming in legally and trained. So, the EU hopes the establishment of a job centre in Mali will help curb the practice.

Determined to reduce illegal migration of disgruntled African youth to European countries, the European Union is opening its first immigration center in the West African country of Mali.  Recent global economic crisis has exacerbated the surge in illegal migration as African countries have been hardest hit by increased food and fuel cost.

The EU hopes the job centre will give an opportunity to those who want to take these journeys get legal documents to secure good jobs and have their rights protected. The center will also educate the youth about the dangers of the dreadful journeys taken by their peers and hopefully reduce the number of people who risk their lives to get to Europe.  However, it is doubtful the Mali job centre will curb the practice of illegal migration on the continent.