Fighting Off Pirates in Somalia

Monday, October 13, 2008 

Somaliavery dangerous pirates who hijack food meant for the sick, dying and misplaced. Very limited opportunities exist for decent livelihoods, hence the proliferation of violent militia groups engaged in varied crime- abductions, assassinations and piracy. The latter has attracted global concern.

The United Nation’s Security Council has called for increased international naval and air forces to guard the pirate-infested coast of Somalia. The call was made in the wake of reluctance of UN members to take over from Canada in protecting Somalia’s waters.

UN boss, Mr. Ban has stressed that without escorts the World Food Programme (WFP) ships might not be able to able to deliver food and more people will lose their lives. Meanwhile, the WFP has received only one third of funds needed to buy more food and other supplies and delivered on time to avoid a humanitarian crisis.

Somalia has been at war since 1991 leading to many deaths and millions displaced. Somalia’s political future is very uncertain fighting rages between government forces backed by Ethiopian military and Islamist insurgents.