Rwanda Drops French as Official Language

Monday, October 13, 2008   

Echoes of the past clearly haunt both Rwanda and its colonial leader, France. After series of salvos thrown at each other over the Rwandan genocide, Rwanda seems bent on erasing anything French from its memory. It has started with the French language.
The government of Rwanda has decided to implement the teaching of English language in schools as against French from nursery to the University level.

The decision was influenced by the country’s decision to join the English speaking East African Community. Rwanda has even applied to join the Commonwealth, the loose association of ex-British colonies. Rwandans are increasingly embracing the English language with some institutions already instructing in English.

Although the French are not pleased with Rwanda’s decision, they are hopeful that there wouldn’t be any more renegades and that the language will still be used in other former French colonies on the continent.