Statement on the State Of Human Rights in Ghana in Commemoration of International Human Rights Day

Wednesday, December 10, 2008  

HRNEWThe statement highlights some initiatives aimed at strengthening respect for human rights.  However, the statement suggests that "there are continued social injustice and human rights violations throughout many aspects of Ghanaian life, which should be highlighted". There are others it suggests would have helped curb corruption, which exacerbates poverty, and consequently disenfranchises ordinary people economically but has been deliberately shelved by politicians.

 For example the statement says,

"More notably, the problem of corruption continues to affect the nation’s socio-economic progress.  A legal framework to enable the exercise of the Right to Information, which is guaranteed under the 1992 Constitution, has still not been passed by Parliament. The Coalition on the Right to Information has persistently called upon the government since 2003 to pass the ‘Right to Information Bill’, which will enhance greater accountability and transparency and aid in the fight against corruption but still, the Bill is yet to be tabled at Parliament.."

Read entire statement here.