Students & Young Professionals African Liberty Academy 2009

Students & Young Professionals African Liberty Academy 2009.

August 1-6, 2009- Ashesi University, Ghana 

Last year, 45 of the most promising students and young professionals from Ghana, and from across Africa, were treated to an orgy of intellectual stimulation in the rarefied setting of Ashesi University’s Accra campus, a veritable cradle of liberal arts excellence in Africa.

60 of the continent’s finest leaders – CEOs, Army Generals, Financiers, Dons, high-ranking Government leaders and visionaries of all shades and hues – gave freely of their time and wisdom to nurture these incredibly gifted emerging leaders in the ways of success, sobriety, and significance.  See last year’s seminar proceedings here and participant observations  here

The mode of instruction ranged from the contemplative to the action-oriented, and took the forms of roundtables, lectures, tutorials and seminars, in subject-matters ranging from political economy to business strategy, and from leadership to economic governance. The African condition was dissected; yardsticks for civil engagement were debated; the principles of economics were reassessed and frequently overthrown in debate; and, in some of the most memorable moments at the Alisa Hotel Auditorium, a renaissance in African technology and entrepreneurship was heralded by those closest to the ongoing transformation of the African creative landscape.


Not if you are a student or young professional committed to exerting impact on the course of Africa’s development in this century. Not if you are on the verge of major professional, academic or personal decisions that will have long-lasting effects on your place in society and your relationships with others, and you are in search of guidance by those who have not merely survived such decisions but blazed pioneering trails of glory on the back of such decisions properly made.


Between 40 and 50 students and young professionals will be selected from an applicant pool that typically numbers in the hundreds. It will be an ultra competitive and highly selective process, and the fee of just GHC70 will ensure that interest will far exceed available spots on offer. You must put some effort into preparing a good application that captures the essences of your curiosity, dedication to change in Africa, and promise of leadership.

For the most exceptional applicants, some scholarships will be available on a competitive basis.


Early applicants will receive free copies of Johan Norberg’s “In Defense of Global Capitalism” and the Essays in Political Economy by Frederic Bastiat.

You have to read June Arunga’s introduction to Norberg’s book here  and Franklin Cudjoe’s of Bastiat here .

You will be taking the first step in a journey that may change your life forever.   Take note of our July 10th deadline.

You will be taking the first step in a journey that may change your life forever.   Take note of our April 30th deadline.  If you have further quesstions, please email Mavis at or call  her on + 233 21 41 70 94 / +233 244 973 951 during office hours, please. 

Respectfully yours,

Franklin Cudjoe
Executive Director, IMANI
Earhart Fellow, Buckingham University
+233 244 638 178