Harambe Bretton Woods Symposium

Thursday, April 01, 2009

Harambe Endeavor is an alliance of African students attending leading
colleges and universities around the world: in the US being
Princeton,Georgetown, Harvard,MIT Stanford, Dartmouth, Wellesley; in the UK
at Cambridge, Oxford,King’s College, LSE; and on the African continent, in
universities in Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ethiopia, South Africa,
Niger,Angola,Ethiopia, Tanzania and Kenya. In total over 70 colleges and

Our mission is to capture, inform and engage Africa’s Global intellectual
capital in the development of Sub Saharan Africa, to that end we are
building a virtual platform in partnership with Blue State Digital the
company responsible for President Obama’s campaign website, which we will
demonstrate and discuss at the Harambe Bretton Woods Symposium.

This year’s symposium will focus on efforts by Africa’s Global Intellectual
Capital to tackle the challenges and opportunities of Sub-Saharan Africa as
well as shed light on Harambe Endeavor’s attempt to address the
inefficiencies of our collective action.

Our students from around the US; UK, Africa,Canada and Australia will be in
attendance, as well as some of our prominent partners and supporters
including the Rockefeller Foundation,Ford Foundation and McArthur Foundation.
Speakers include Mo Ibrahim, founder of Celtel, Ms. Ezekwesili who is the
World Bank Vice President for Africa and Kurt Hoffman with the Shell

It is my hope that if you happen to be in the US around this time you would
be able to join us to share your insights and advice with members of our
group. I have attached an invitation for you; please feel free to share it
with anyone you may deem appropriate. To register please log on here under HWBS Registration –Friends and Partners.