Lecture Invitation-April 28, 2009: Lawyer David Ofosu-Dorte in the IMANI Thought Leaders Forum


Reflections, Lamentations and Recommendations of an Ordinary Ghanaian

(A Lecture by David Ofosu-Dorte in the IMANI Thought Leaders Forum)

Date: April 28, 2009

Venue: Alisa Hotel , North Ridge

Time: 3: 00 P.M-5:30 PM. with a reception to follow

Lawyer Ofosu-Dorte is a man of many parts. Writer, businessman, one-time public servant, consultant,technocrat, and above all an “ordinary Ghanaian” who has visited “almost every district in Ghana ”.

An Advisor to Governments as well as to small, struggling, businesses, he bridges the worlds of super achievement and extreme ordinariness like nobody else we have heard of. And he is on a mission: a mission to bring the “ordinary man” back to the centre of public discussion and policy making.

We want to hear more, and we have a suspicion that you may share our curiosity! Hence this personal invitation to you to come enjoy an intimate conversation with like-minded folks from all walks of Ghanaian society.  There will be CEOs, pensioners, entrepreneurs, essayists and an “ordinary Ghanaian” or twoJ.

Do come prepared to engage in vigorous debate about the “ordinary” issues gnawing at you about the state and course of our dear nation. Bring your anecdotes about the NHIS, the traffic congestion, the erratic light and water services, the crumbling standards in public life as well as in academia.  Feel free to vent your spleen and pound your fist.  It will be that kind of event: a soul-searching, mind exploring, heart-rending, ear-popping, and question-blasting one-of-a-kind confab.  No inquiry will go unexamined.

Mr. Ofosu-Dorte isn’t coming to answer your questions.  Though of course the man who led Ghana ’s legal negotiation team in the successful consummation of the $547 million Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) grant, and led the design of Liberia ’s public procurement system, should certainly have an opinion or two to share.  But it is precisely because Mr. Ofosu Dorte – his technocratic experience notwithstanding – has never upheld the view that “experts know it all” that he seeks to catalyse, in his own small way, a new trend of “focussing on the ordinary Ghanaian and her ordinary issues”.


Join IMANI and AfricanLibery.org,  Mr. Ofosu-Dorte, and your colleague citizens at Alisa Hotel on the 28th of April, at 3:00pm and LET’S TALK ABOUT IT.

(Please note that seating is limited; confirm attendance by email to Mavis at leamakuu @ gmail.com  before April 24th, 2009)

With the deepest pleasure,

Franklin Cudjoe
Executive Director, IMANI www.imanighana.com
Editor, www.AfricanLiberty.org