Tsvangirai Reads the Zimbabwe Papers

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Zimbabwe's Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai, reading the Zimbabwe Papers
Yesterday, in Washington, D. C., AfricanLiberty.org and  IMANISenior Advisor, Dr. Tom Palmer, met Morgan Tsvangirai, opposition leader and prime minister of Zimbabwe, and gave him a copy of the Zimbabwe Papers,
a collection of serious policy suggestions and studies that offer a way for Zimbabwe to rebuild and regain it’s place as a prosperous country once again.We’ve mentioned this report in the past.

This publication was written and established by a group of organizations across, Imani (Ghana), Institute for Public Policy Analysis (Nigeria), Free Market Foundation (South Africa), Centre des Affaires Humaines (Burkina Faso), Institute of African Economics, Zambia Institute for Public Policy Analysis, Comaliso, Law Review Project and  CETD-Nigeria. Learn more  about the campaign, and read the Zimbabwe Papers here.