Where is the Money Now?

                       Wednesday, Ausgust 5TH 2009                        

Sypala Panel Discussion

“Where is the Money Now?”

Ashesi University, Labone, Building 3

MoneyAs the global economic crisis tear through Africa’s sense of isolation from the international financial system, and we begin to see unanticipated channels of exposure to the crisis, ranging from commodity-based sovereign funds to growing irregularities in remittances flow. The Nigerian stock market has been routed, and Ghana’s is in the doldrums too. Private equity is faltering and corporate Ghana is feeling the pinch from a renewed urge on the part of government to tax its way out of its budget constraints. But could it be that this moment of crisis paints the best hope out of economic mediocrity for Africa? As returns to investment and assets fall precipitously in Europe and America, could investors switch to frontier markets such as Africa? Do we sufficiently understand the current flows in financial resources to position ourselves in favourable light? Our amazing array of speakers turn this and related subjects inside out.

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