Wednesday, January 07, 2010

Kenya Deports Muslim Hate Cleric Abdullah al-Faisal. (BBC)

An infamous Jamaican born Muslim cleric has been deported from Kenyan according to police reports. He is being deported because of his terrorist history. The country in which he now resides was however not divulged. The Muslim cleric Abdullah al-Faisal is known for his preaching of racial hatred. He served a four year jail term in Britain for advocating the murder of Jews and Hindus.

Kenyan officials were not certain about whether or not to deport the cleric since no other country is willing to host him and even grant him a visa for transit. Muslim Human Rights groups have condemned the actions taken by the government. Muslim campaigners say Muslim clerics were being targeted an action which is not healthy for the country. The government however says Mr. Faisal is on the international watch-list of terrorist and has a history as a terrorist that is why he is being deported and not because he is a Muslim.