Solar Panel Project to Light up Schools. (allafrica)

Kenya is making moves to reduce its hydro power consumption rate and lower the cost of energy to poor communities by installing solar panels in a number of schools and health centers. Hundred and seventeen schools and some health centers in scorched and semi scorched regions will be fitted with solar panels by two private companies that have been given the nod by government.

The project worth Sh273.6 million will be handles by Go Solar Limited and Power options Limited. The companies are to install, test and commission solar panels in schools and health centers which have never had access to electricity. The schools and health centers will be used as a model to expand the use of solar panels across the country.

Kenya is hoping to commission the national use of clean energy by the year 2012 to match economic recovery expected early next year. The United Nations speculated that Kenyan will be able to generate more than 3,000MW of electricity if it is able to harness wind and solar energy. Additional energy is expected to stimulate the manufacturing industry across the country.