Junta Head will take Time to Recover. (BBC)

Capt. Camara, the head of Guinea’s military Junta will need more time to recover from a failed assassination attempt that injured him. The attempt was made on his life by a former aid. The leader has since early December been flown to Morocco for treatment which he is responding to favorably. Meanwhile, the Defense minister has called on the opposition to chose who to nominate as the country’s next prime minister. The move according to some will not change the power structure significantly because the ruling military council will still have control over any government.

French and USA diplomats have held talks with Mr. Konate who they believe will be more willing to return the country to civilian rule. The man Lt Diakite behind the attacks said he carried out the attack after he was told to take the fall for the massacre of 150 people in a shooting incident at a stadium last September. He is believed to be on the run and dozens have been arrested in connection to him.