Aid Groups Warn of Sudan Civil War Risk. (BBC)

About ten Aid groups are calling on the international community to intervene in the crises in Sudan before the country collapses and poses a major humanitarian problem. The peace deal which was signed in 2005 between the north and the south of Sudan is on the verge of collapse as violence and poverty is causing tensions between the two factions.

The southern part of Sudan which is the oil rich region is scheduled to hold a referendum in 2011 to decide whether or not to become part of Sudan as a country. The peace deal in 2005 ended twenty-two years of violence which saw over 1.5 million people lose their lives and displace thousands. The report of the ten Aid groups laid bare the violence over oil in Southern Sudan, the elections held in April and the coming referendum as issues that might erupt into a faceoff between the two factions. Violence at any point now will have bad consequences for the nation. Sources however say if violence should erupt, elections in 2011 will not be affected, because the populace are hungry for a change and will not let this opportunity pass by.