Zimbabwe Diamond Mine Abuse Continues. (BBC)

Growing concerns have been raised about the abuses at Zimbabwe’s diamond mines by a human rights group. The concerned was raised when a last minute decision was taken to halt the three day sale of about 300,000 carats of rough diamonds.

The human rights group, Global Witness Anne Dunnebacke says abuses continue to take place at a large portion of the Marange mines that has not been taken over by the military. Part of the Marange mine has been handed over to private individuals while the remaining part is being handled by the military. Sales of the diamond were halted after monitors of “blood diamond” intervened. The sale had not been approved by the international body known as the Kimberley Process which normally approves the sale of diamonds from war torn nations. Zimbabwe narrowly escaped being suspended from the Kimberley Process but was banned from selling diamonds. Proceeds from the upcoming sale would have gone to governments coffers. Investigators say there is evidence of killings and forced evictions at the mines after soldiers took over the place. The human rights group says these atrocities are carried out by President Mugabe’s thugs and profits from the precious stones go to him.