Summary of activities in Tanzania (November 10-20, 2009)

Our outreach director, Adedayo Thomas was recently in East Africa and reports the following:


IREN-7TH African Resource Bank Meeting at Arusha

-ARB Meeting with the Theme Probing Governance and Prosperity in Africa was successful. The participants were grouped to deliberate on six (6) different quiz questions of which I (On the platform of chaired and presented the resolution on; Do we need new institutional Structures to govern African countries?.

Adedayo at ARB presenting group report.JPG

University of Dodoma (A 12-hour journey from Arusha)

-I had a successful one-day seminar with 107 selected students from the College of Humanities and Social Science of University of Dodoma on 16 Nov. 2009. The students were very challenging and eager to learn. Our books and IPN CD’s were distributed to students and staff. Meetings were held with principle officers of the university to consolidate our collaboration. Demands for more materials with more emphasis on hard copy, Voluntary Teaching staff and Guest lecturing/Seminar were among major assistance demanded by Students and the principle officers of the university.

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Institute of Rural Development Planning


Also at Dodoma, the 52 selected students of the Institute of Rural Development Planning, Dodoma were also taken through a day seminar on the “Pathways to Prosperity”.

Adedayo demostrating the workings of a free market economy.JPG

St John’s University-Dodoma

A new collaboration was also established between and St John’ University Dodoma. Deman Yusuf facilitated this new outreach. Fruitful discussions were held and our books presented to the Director of the Institute of Development Studies and the Director of Library Studies who represented the University and look forward for a more concrete outreach to students of the university

Adedayo demostrating the workings of a free market economy.JPG

College of Business Education-Dodoma

The fourth school where a new collaboration was formalized is the College of Business Education Dodoma. The Vice Principal and the Human Resource Manager who represented the school appreciated our coming and demanded a strengthening of our relationship. Our books and IPN CD’s was also donated to the Library.

One of our Banners was left with Ms. Deman Yusuf, a Teaching Assistant for usage during her future outreach program for in that region.

Adedayo demostrating the workings of a free market economy.JPG