Angola ‘arrests’ after Togo football team attack. (BBC)

The Angolan authorities in collaboration with its security agencies have made two arrests in connection with the deadly attack on Togo’s National football team. The team was travelling on Friday to the host country Angola by road from their training camp in the Republic of Congo. Angolan state media reported that, two suspects have been arrested in the northern province of Cabinda where the attack occurred.

The attacks killed three Togo football officials. A Separatist rebel group in the Cabinda area called Front for the Liberation of the Enclave of Cabinda claimed responsibility for the thirty minute machine-gun attack. Concerns have been raised as to the host country’s decision to play any matches in the troubled region. Togo has also been brought under criticism for its decision to travel by road through such dangerous territories. African Nations Cup official Mr. Santos told reporters, participating countries were told exclusively not to travel by road.

The incident marred the beginning of the Cup of Nations and has raised eye brows about safety in the upcoming FIFA World Cup tournament later this year. The game between Ghana and Togo on Monday has been called off. Togo’s team might return to play their other matches after return from mourning their dead.