Wounded Guinea military leader arrives in Burkina Faso. (BBC)

The leader of the military junta in Guinea which seized power in a bloodless coup is back in Burkina Faso after receiving treatment for a gunshot to the head. Capt Camara was in a hospital in the Moroccan city of Rabat. The military leader is in Burkina Faso to finish his medical treatment an advisor to the president of Burkina Faso said.

Western powers have been calling on the Junta to hold elections to put in place a civilian government. Concerned citizens have argued that the presence of Capt Camara in the country could destabilize the country, meaning he is better off not returning to Guinea. Burkina Faso has recently held talks directed at finding a solution to the crises in the country. The crises in Guinea have been sparked by the shooting of protestors in a stadium in the capital in September last year by the military. Human rights groups say over hundred and fifty people lost their lives. Lt. Toumba Diakite was asked to the blame for the shooting, it was the reason he attacked Capt. Camara.