Nigeria’s ailing leader breaks silence. (France 24)

President Yar’Adua broke his silence in an interview about his disappearance. The president says he is recovering and will be back in Nigeria soon. The Nigerian president has not been seen since he left the country in November for heart treatment in Saudi Arabia. The president’s long absence and health concerns have led to a number of calls for him to step down. The opposition and other human rights activists have taken the matter to court. There has also been a wild rumor the president is seriously ill and will not be able to return to rule the country. Nigerians are worried about the power vacuum the president’s absence has created and the leaders are cautious not to instill fear into the people.

The presidents’ advisor told the BBC that, the president’s enemies were responsible for the rumor mongering and they will love to see the downfall of his government. There are fears of a constitutional crisis with the president’s refusal to appoint the vice president to take over the presidency. Day in and day out groups emerge with the call for the presidency to be handed over to the Vice President Mr. Jonathan. Nigeria’s parliament is expected to address the issue when they resume sitting today.