US warns of attacks on Uganda- Sudan Planes. (BBC)

The United States has warned the Sudanese government of a possible terrorist attack on air Uganda planes. US embassy in Khartoum says American travelers faced a high risk of attack from between Sudan and the Ugandan capital. The Sudanese authorities have however down played the threat saying it was not serious; they also admit they have knowledge of a potential attack. Sudan is among fourteen countries whose citizens are subjected to stricter airport security checks when travelling out and into the US.

The US embassy stated that they were made aware that regional extremist desired to launch a deadly attack on board Air Uganda, on the Juba to Kampala route. Lt. Col. Felix Kulayigye spokesman for the Uganda army and Uganda’s Civil Aviation Authority said they have had knowledge of the intended attacks since early December. The country has been taking a number of precautions so there was no cause of alarm. The Sudanese government is not pleases about the manner in which US sent out the warning. According to them, the US embassy did not inform them about the security threat and should have asked for their cooperation before letting the media in on the news.